20GB Business Hosting

20GB Business Hosting

20GB Business Hosting 6725 5
  • Fully supported
  • Install included
  • Updated with subscription

What you get: Setup of our cloud hosting service for your website along with yearly hosting

Expect Best’s 20GB Business Hosting is the reliable engine to power your online success.

In an online world teeming with competitors, having a feature-rich hosting solution can be your game-changer. With 20GB Business Hosting from Expect Best, you don’t just get server space. You gain an invaluable partner dedicated to scaling your business. With double the capacity of regular hosting packages, it’s a powerful platform for your online projects. Our 20GB Business Hosting uses high-quality Google Cloud infrastructure, PHP, and MySQL setups. This ensures that your website isn’t just fast but blisteringly so. Our optimised hosting environment is perfect for any website. No matter whether it’s an eCommerce platform or a portfolio of WordPress sites, it will give you a big advantage over your competition. Don’t forget the extra features, like the newest technology, fast WordPress speed, and added security. Each serves as a cog in a well-oiled machine designed to keep your online operations running smoothly. So, are you ready to propel your online business to unprecedented heights?

Invest in Expect Best’s 20GB Business Hosting today.


  • Experience unmatched speed and security with infrastructure built on the premium Google Cloud
  • Our custom setups for PHP and MySQL ensure your website will load 30% faster than the average
  • Always stay ahead with access to the latest speed technologies at your fingertips
  • Enjoy WordPress sites optimised to load up to five times faster with our specialised caching
  • Give your online store an extra performance kick with our optimised WooCommerce hosting
  • Top-tier security features include, 24/7 system administration and a smart Web Application Firewall
  • Feel secure knowing that robust backup options are in place to protect your valuable data
  • Join our delighted customer base with an overwhelming 98% satisfaction rating
  • Take advantage of hosting that allows you to run up to 500% faster, a new performance benchmark
20GB Business Hosting
annual subscription

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  1. Jake

    Expect Best’s 20GB Business Hosting plan exceeded my expectations. The speed and reliability of their service have been exceptional, making it the perfect choice for my business website.

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