Basic App Development

Basic App Development

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What you get: A basic app developed with up to 5 content blocks.

Seamlessly and affordably turn your app idea into a reality with our basic app development service.

In a digital ecosystem teeming with apps, having one for your business is no longer optional. Mobile apps have become essential in today’s business environment. They strengthen brand recognition and provide instant access to products and services. So, do you want your business to get into the pockets of your customers? If so, Expect Best is here to facilitate this transition for you. Our Basic App Development service is tailored to meet the necessities of startups and small enterprises. We keep simplicity and effectiveness at the forefront of what we offer in this service. For those venturing into the mobile space, we offer a comprehensive package that includes up to 5 blocks. From the moment you conceptualise your idea to seeing it go live on the AppStore or PlayStore, we’ve got it all covered. Our developers will take care of design, development, and even the minutiae. This includes everything like app icon creation and account management on both Apple and Google platforms. With us, there’s no hassle, no fuss — just a robust and functional app ready to capture your audience. So why wait? Thanks to Expect Best, you can make the leap into the mobile world easier than ever before.

Act now to set your business apart and redefine what success looks like for your business.


  • Begin your app development journey with a comprehensive free initial consultation to assess your needs
  • Customise your app to reflect your brand by incorporating up to 5 unique blocks
  • Benefit from design and development executed by industry experts to bring your vision to life
  • Enhance your brand identity with a distinctively designed app or home page icon
  • For iOS users, we manage smooth AppStore integration to make your app easily accessible
  • Ensure a straightforward setup on the PlayStore, making it simple for Android users to download your app
  • We offer complete account management, taking care of all your needs on both Apple and Google platforms
  • Designing an interface that not only looks good but is also user-friendly is our priority
  • Our robust technology solutions guarantee a secure and fast back-end for your app
Basic App Development

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  1. Jake

    Expect Best delivered a high-quality app development service with their basic app package. The app was developed with every feature I wanted, meeting all of my needs.

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