Heatmaps Tracking Tool

Heatmaps Tracking Tool

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What you get: Install and set up of the heatmaps tracking tool.

Make every click count and optimise engagement with our heatmaps tracking tool.

In the ever-changing digital world, it’s essential to understand how visitors behave online. Our heatmaps tracking tool provides an unprecedented visual guide to how visitors engage with your website. Observing the clicks and scrolls lets you learn what captures attention and what doesn’t. But understanding is just the first step; action is the game-changer. You can use our heatmaps tracking tool to strategically place CTAs and optimise web elements. You can also better tailor your content to resonate with your audience. With the heatmaps tracking tool, you’re not just looking at data. You can improve conversion rates and satisfaction by creating a unique experience for each visitor. So, what’s in the box? Our heatmap tracking tool provides attention maps and scroll maps. It also tracks web elements and offers detailed reports with powerful segmentation. Whether you’re running A/B tests or focusing on personalisation, this tool is the key to unlocking the full potential of your website. It’s not just a tool; it’s your roadmap to digital success. So, are you ready to transform your website’s user experience and boost conversions?

Make the smart choice and invest in our heatmaps tracking tool today.


  • Real-time visual reporting on clicks and scrolls
  • Attention maps and scroll maps are included
  • Tracks dynamic web elements effortlessly
  • Supports A/B testing and personalisation
  • Detailed, segment-specific reports are available
  • Cross-device compatibility for smooth navigation
  • Quick test launches via Chrome Extension
  • Consolidated reports across multiple pages
Heatmap Tracking Tool
Heatmaps Tracking Tool

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  1. Jake

    Expect Best’s Heat Maps Tracking tool is a game-changer! It provides valuable insights and data visualization that helps us optimize our website’s performance. Highly recommend for any business.

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