PDF FlipBook Viewer Plugin

PDF FlipBook Viewer Plugin

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  • Fully supported
  • Install included
  • Updated with subscription

What you get: Installation and set up of the PDF FlipBook Viewer plugin.

Flip the script on your static PDFs using our dynamic PDF FlipBook Viewer plugin.

PDFs often fall short of engaging audiences in today’s fast-paced digital world. However, our PDF FlipBook Viewer addresses this gap by bringing interactivity and visual excitement into the fold. With Expect Best’s help, you can unlock a whole new level of user engagement without any hassle. Our PDF FlipBook Viewer converts static PDFs into realistic 3D flipbooks. All of this is achieved with no need for Flash, simply through 100% HTML5 technology. The user interface is easy to navigate and fully customisable, offering you a wide range of options to fit your brand’s aesthetics. Its features include single-page view, PDF text search, deep linking, and fully responsive designs. Our PDF FlipBook Viewer is the best way to display your digital documentation. Interactive pages allow the inclusion of videos, links, and much more. It’s also fully optimised for mobile, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices. So why not take the leap into the future of digital publishing?

Invest in our PDF FlipBook Viewer today and make your content as dynamic as your ideas.


  • Ultra-realistic 3D flipbooks with no Flash required
  • User interface that’s both easy to use and fully customisable
  • Fully responsive design, optimised for mobile usage
  • Direct 3D book creation from PDF files
  • Text selection and keyword highlighting in PDFs
  • Retina-ready icons for high-resolution displays
  • Changeable layout based on device type
  • Interactive pages support videos, links, and more
  • Create flipbooks of variable sizes for any webpage
PDF FlipBook Viewer Plugin

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  1. Charlotte

    The PDF Flipbook Viewer by Expect Best is a fantastic tool that allows for seamless viewing and flipping through PDF documents. Highly recommended for a smooth reading experience.

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