PPC Management + Three Ad Campaign

PPC Management of 3 x Ad Campaigns + Setup

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What you get: Google Ads account setup with 3 x ad campaign management per month.

Harness the power of triple-action advertising through our PPC management.

You need good PPC management to be seen and get results online in this competitive digital world. Yet, navigating this space successfully demands more than just throwing your ads into the void. It requires precise aim and execution to hit your target. At Expect Best, we’ve fine-tuned our services to offer you a three-ad campaign that maximises reach and impact. Picture a more precise approach with three ad groups focusing on specific keywords and pages. By opting for this PPC management service, you’ll benefit from three campaigns designed to hit every corner of your target market. We go beyond the setup to provide you with ongoing support and insights. Our specialists will ensure that your advertising investment always moves in the right direction. So, are you ready to turbocharge your advertising efforts?

Speak to Expect Best today for PPC management that offers unparalleled depth and breadth in targeting.


  • Comprehensive setup of your Google Ads account, complete with a tailored three-ad campaign
  • Creation of three distinct ad groups, enabling a multi-layered targeting strategy
  • Specific keywords are carefully selected for each ad group to maximise effectiveness
  • Development of unique landing pages that are custom-designed to align with each ad set’s objectives
  • In-depth segmentation of your target audience ensures each ad group reaches its intended market
  • Frequent updates featuring detailed analytics reports keep you well-informed on the performance of your campaign
  • Ongoing strategies are deployed to enhance your overall click-through rates
  • Expert management of your cost-per-click to ensure efficient use of your advertising budget
  • Consultations are tailored to focus on your unique business needs and objectives
  • Availability of options for expanding your campaign with up to three additional services for greater reach
PPC Management + Three Ad Campaign

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  1. Jake

    Expect Best provided excellent PPC management services for my three campaigns. They optimized my ads effectively, resulting in increased traffic and conversions. Their team was professional and responsive throughout the process. Highly recommend.

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