Spin-to-Win Plugin

Spin-to-Win Plugin

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What you get: Install and set up of our Spin-to-Win plugin.

Give your audience the thrill of winning while boosting your email list with our Spin-to-Win plugin.

Capturing the fleeting attention of website visitors is no small feat, but it’s crucial to grow your email list and business. This is where our Spin-to-Win plugin comes into play. It offers visitors an engaging, interactive experience right on your WordPress website. Not only does it create an element of fun, but it also offers valuable prizes that visitors can’t resist. Our Spin-to-Win plugin isn’t just another plugin; it’s a revolutionary way to engage visitors. It provides various customisation options, from wheel-piece labels to spin duration. Whether you want to control the times turning per email or set a delay between each spin, this plugin gives you the power to make it your own. So, what are you getting with this plugin? For starters, you can put the pop-up anywhere on your screen. The plugin also lets you show the wheel on certain pages. The Spin-to-Win plugin is also fully customisable. So you can have the final say on everything from the colour of the wheel pieces to the congratulatory messages that get displayed.

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  • Interactive wheel spinning for prize-winning
  • Customisable wheel pieces and labels
  • Limit spins by email and set spin delays
  • Position wheel pop-up anywhere on the screen
  • Customise appearance with auto-colour feature
  • Sync collected emails with MailChimp API
  • Control wheel display conditions using tags
  • Use a shortcode to display the wheel without a pop-up
  • Premium support for any issues you encounter
Spin-to-Win Plugin

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  1. Jake

    Expect Best’s Spin-to-win service elevated my website and was an excellent tool in collecting valuable data and giving out prizes

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