WooCommerce Account Funds Plugin

WooCommerce Account Funds Plugin

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What you get: Installation and setup of our WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site.

Level up your customer retention with our WooCommerce Account Funds plugin.

Your eCommerce platform doesn’t just deserve customers but committed patrons. WooCommerce Account Funds is the ideal plugin that ensures you lock in customer loyalty while enhancing your cash flow. Why miss out on securing profits even before a product is sold? With this plugin, you invite your customers to purchase credits, which acts as an assurance for future transactions. This unique system provides them with the benefit of convenience and offers you immediate cash in hand. But how does this work? Simplicity is key. Your customers can purchase these credits with ease. These credits then remain in their accounts, ready to be utilised whenever they wish to purchase. This doesn’t just ensure that the customers stay engaged with your platform. It also creates an inherent trust that encourages repetitive buying behaviour. It’s a win-win for both parties involved. To put it simply, here are the key features that make WooCommerce Account Funds the go-to plugin for any savvy business owner. Experience effortless credit purchases, simplified payment methods, quick load buttons, and more. These features are not just bells and whistles; they are the building blocks of a robust customer retention strategy.

Don’t just sell products; offer an experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.


  • Enable an effortless credit purchase system, allowing customers to buy credits easily
  • Benefit from an instant cash inflow directly to your business as customers buy credits
  • Offer customers a range of simplified payment methods to purchase credits
  • Promote a strong sense of customer loyalty by encouraging them to use available credits
  • Include quick load buttons in the user interface to facilitate easy account top-ups
  • Allow the flexibility of partial payments at checkout, blending funds and other payment gateways
  • Admins have the power to set deposit ranges, specifying the minimum and maximum amounts for customer deposits
  • Send automated emails prompting customers to top up their funds when their credit balance runs low
  • Assure seamless integration with the WooCommerce platform for a cohesive user experience
  • Ensure easy translation and internationalisation with WPML compatibility
WooCommerce Account Funds Plugin

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1 review for WooCommerce Account Funds Plugin

  1. Charlotte

    The Expect Best WooCommerce Account Funds feature has greatly simplified our payment process and provided an efficient way for customers to manage their funds within our online store.

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