WooCommerce Cost of Goods Plugin

WooCommerce Cost of Goods Plugin

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What you get: Installation and setup of our WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site.

Don’t just track sales; know your true earnings with the WooCommerce Cost of Goods plugin.

If you’ve looked closely at your online store’s earnings and wondered why the profit margins keep going down, you’re not alone. The financial maze of eCommerce can often be misleading, hiding actual costs and camouflaging your real profits. With our WooCommerce Cost of Goods plugin, you’re armed with a powerful yet simple tool. A tool that’s capable of deconstructing your financial complexities into comprehensible data. Our plugin goes beyond basic metrics to offer a well-rounded view of your eCommerce operations. It captures every cost — be it shipping, taxes, or payment fees — to give you a granular understanding of where your money is going. You’ll have everything you need to reduce costs, set the right prices, and plan profitable products. The WooCommerce Cost of Goods plugin doesn’t just come packed with features for optimum performance. It also delivers instantaneous results, so you benefit from real-time tracking of your entire product catalogue. Take the leap to financial clarity and set yourself up for scalable growth.

Don’t miss out; optimise your profits with our WooCommerce Cost of Goods plugin today.


  • Monitor the actual costs and revenue of every product to make informed financial decisions
  • Use quick bulk actions to effortlessly set the cost for multiple products at once
  • Access an in-depth dashboard that displays both costs and profits for easy monitoring
  • Choose specific parameters like shipping or taxes to include in the cost calculations
  • Make data-driven pricing adjustments based on real costs to maximise profits
  • Plan targeted marketing campaigns for products that offer higher profit margins
  • Identify and remove items that are dragging down your profits to optimise your catalogue
  • Real-time tracking feature ensures you’re always updated on your product inventory status
  • The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate, meaning no technical skills needed
  • Comprehensive reports provide immediate insights for informed decisions and better profitability
WooCommerce Cost of Goods Plugin

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  1. Charlotte

    I highly recommend Cost of Goods for WooCommerce by Expect Best. It efficiently calculates and manages the cost of goods, making inventory management a breeze. Essential for any WooCommerce store.

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