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What you get: Installation and setup of our WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site.

Elevate your site’s purpose and profitability with the WooCommerce Donations plugin.

Enhance your WooCommerce site by adding our WooCommerce Donations plugin, a valuable way to raise funds. Donations aren’t necessarily just about charity. They can offer a sustainable way to support projects, run non-profit programmes, or even float a new product. Your users will appreciate the ease of contributing towards a cause directly on your site. The power of this plugin lies in its simplicity and adaptability. Whether providing free products or running a full-scale eCommerce site, it can seamlessly fit into your existing setup. We can insert the donation form on specific product pages or use it as a widget anywhere on your site. Benefit from diverse donation management settings to ensure you and your donors are always in sync. With it, you can set minimum and maximum donation amounts and place donation forms strategically on your site. Plus, its efficient payment methods are tailored for donation transactions. Our WooCommerce Donations plugin does more than accept money; it elevates the entire user experience on your site. So, are you ready to turn your website into a force for good?

Enable the WooCommerce Donations plugin on your store today and make every click count.


  • Set both minimum and maximum donation amounts to align with your fundraising goals
  • Insert donation forms on individual product pages to encourage targeted charitable giving
  • Enable a quick donation option right from the cart page for the convenience of your users
  • Customise textual labels on the form to resonate with your brand’s voice and message
  • Obtain a filtered list of all orders that include donations, making management easier for you
  • Choose from a range of payment methods designed to optimise the donation process
  • Update the style of your donation form button to seamlessly blend with your site design
  • Use the integrated donation form widget for quicker access and higher visibility
  • Tailor thank-you emails to donors for a personalised experience that encourages future giving
  • Provide the option of pre-set donation amounts or allow customers to contribute a custom amount
WooCommerce Donations

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  1. Charlotte

    Donations for WooCommerce by Expect Best is an excellent plugin that seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, making it easy to accept and manage donations on our WordPress site. Highly recommended!

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