WooCommerce Lottery Plugin

WooCommerce Lottery Plugin

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  • Fully supported
  • Install included
  • Updated with subscription

What you get: Basic WooCommerce Lottery Setup for WordPress, no customisation.

Achieve winning numbers in revenue and customer engagement with our WooCommerce Lottery plugin.

Want to unlock the incredible benefits of running an online lottery on your WooCommerce store? You can achieve just that with our groundbreaking WooCommerce Lottery Plugin. Watch your revenue soar and transform visitors into loyal customers as they indulge in your online lotteries. Our plugin not only increases your revenue but also enhances user engagement. It’ll convert potential prospects into customers and widen your customer base through referrals. Working with Expect Best to install and set up our WooCommerce Lottery Plugin on your WordPress site couldn’t be simpler. Thanks to our seamless installation process, you’ll soon be ready to reap the rewards of this innovative lottery system. With your user dashboard, you can easily manage lottery activities for you and your customers. It helps make admin tasks far more efficient. But what makes our plugin truly exceptional? For starters, it provides options for both free and paid tickets, enabling you to diversify your lottery types. Your users can even select their ticket numbers or let the system pick for them with the Lucky Dip feature. Our plugin can handle different types of ticket selection and includes a Q&A feature for skill-based events. With customisation options abound, it allows you to craft the perfect lottery experience for your users. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to diversify your revenue streams and engage your customers like never before.

Install our WooCommerce Lottery Plugin today.


  • Easy WooCommerce compatibility for seamless lottery addition
  • Intuitive interface for hassle-free lottery management
  • Secure payment gateway ensures reliable ticket buying
  • Automated emails keep participants updated
  • Complies with all gambling and gaming laws
  • Various layout and styling options for aesthetic harmony
WooCommerce Lottery Plugin

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annual subscription

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  1. Charlotte

    Expect Best did a fantastic job with WooCommerce Lottery. The plugin works seamlessly and has helped boost our sales. Highly recommend their services.

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