WooCommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses Plugin

WooCommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses Plugin

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What you get: Installation and setup of our WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site.

Simplify the art of gifting with the WooCommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses plugin.

Are you tired of losing customers at the checkout stage? Do you want to capture the hidden potential of special occasions, from birthdays to Christmas? The perfect solution to these concerns is our WooCommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses plugin. This great feature makes it so you don’t lose sales. Customers can send multiple products to different addresses in one transaction. The WooCommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses plugin works seamlessly to enhance the customer journey. So there are no more cumbersome checkouts or split orders. Our plugin makes it easy to send a birthday gift to a father abroad or distribute products to multiple branches. It’s as simple as one click. You can also increase the value of each order as users are encouraged to purchase more without the hassle of creating multiple orders. From a user-friendly interface to impeccable functionality, this plugin is all about ease and precision. Allow your customers to manage shipping addresses directly from the Checkout and My Account pages. You need to remember that your sales aren’t just numbers but relationships for you to nurture. Let your customers experience the freedom of choice, and watch your revenue soar. Don’t miss the chance to revolutionise your WooCommerce store.

Upgrade to the Multiple Shipping Addresses plugin and unlock a world of opportunities today.


  • Enable multi-shipping in each order to offer the flexibility your customers crave
  • Manage addresses easily right from the My Account page for an effortless experience
  • Divide the quantity of a single product to ship to multiple locations effortlessly
  • Choose to exclude particular products or product categories from the multi-shipping option
  • Activate or deactivate the multi-shipping feature for different variations of the same product
  • Keep a firm grip on the shipping status, offering a transparent purchasing process
  • Automatically send email notifications to customers when their shipping status changes
  • Make gift buying more straightforward by consolidating multiple gifts in one order
  • Encourage your customers to buy more by simplifying the checkout process for multiple addresses
  • Easily translate the plugin features with WPML compatibility to reach a global audience
WooCommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses Plugin

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  1. Charlotte

    Expect Best is excellent! Their Multiple Shipping Addresses plugin for WooCommerce allows us to easily manage and ship orders to different addresses with efficiency and accuracy. Highly recommended!

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