WooCommerce Name Your Price Plugin

WooCommerce Name Your Price Plugin

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What you get: Installation and setup of our WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site.

Empower your users and effortlessly maximise profits with the WooCommerce Name Your Price plugin.

A little customer autonomy can go a long way in a digital age flooded with options. Offering a flexible price structure encourages consumer engagement. It allows you to benefit from genuine market insights, thanks to the WooCommerce Name Your Price plugin. Our experts will seamlessly integrate it into your existing WooCommerce framework. From here, this groundbreaking plugin allows your customers to pay what they want for your products or services. Whether donating or paying more for added value, the WooCommerce Name Your Price plugin is as simple as clicking a button. The plugin has many features that can help improve user experience and increase profits. It allows you to set a minimum and maximum price range and suggests an ideal price point. Don’t let the market dictate your worth.

Let your users help you understand the real value of your products or services with the WooCommerce Name Your Price plugin.


  • Offer flexible pricing options across various product types
  • Show a suggested price to guide user choices on the product page
  • Set a price floor and ceiling to maintain profitability
  • Apply different pricing rules based on product categories
  • Personalise all labels and messages for a unique customer journey
  • Ensure seamless integration with WooCommerce Multi Vendor for broader selling options
  • Provides full support for translating your WooCommerce store into multiple languages
  • Easily integrate with WooCommerce Product Bundles for more sales opportunities
  • Grant the ability for users to purchase Name Your Price products for free
  • Keep all currency conversions accurate and up-to-date for international shoppers
WooCommerce Name Your Price Plugin

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  1. Charlotte

    I am extremely satisfied with the WooCommerce Name Your Price plugin offered by Expect Best. It allows customers to set their own price, making it a great tool for flexible pricing strategies.

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