WooCommerce One-Click Checkout Plugin

WooCommerce One-Click Checkout Plugin

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What you get: Installation and set up of our WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site.

Simplify, streamline, and succeed with our WooCommerce One-Click Checkout plugin.

Discover the smart way to fast-track your sales with our WooCommerce One-Click Checkout plugin. If you’ve been grappling with cart abandonment and pending orders, this is the solution you’ve been waiting for. When time is money, this plugin ensures that your customers save plenty of both by cutting down on the time it takes to make a purchase. When you reduce friction in the buying process, your customers will thank you with their loyalty. This plugin lets you leverage the proven methods of giants like Amazon in your WooCommerce store. It also focuses on usability and enables registered users to bypass the cumbersome checkout process. With a simple click, purchases are completed instantaneously. No need to re-enter billing or payment details; it’s as simple as one click and done. This results in happier customers and a healthier bottom line for you. Our WooCommerce One-Click Checkout plugin makes online shopping a breeze for your customers. From the moment they decide to buy until the purchase is confirmed, they’ll only need to take one action. And that’s not just simplifying life for your customers; it’s also reducing the workload on your customer service team. Our plugin is the key that seamlessly and effectively turns browsing into buying. Don’t let another customer slip away at the checkout.

Elevate your eCommerce experience with our WooCommerce One-Click Checkout plugin today.


  • Complete a purchase instantly with just one click for a smooth customer experience
  • Reduce the rate of cart abandonment significantly and thereby increase sales
  • Allow the display of the one-click button only after a customer’s first purchase for security
  • Provide options to customise the colour and label of your one-click button to match your brand
  • Versatile button placement options, including the Shop page or individual product details
  • Flexibility to exclude the one-click purchase option for specific products in your range
  • Choose your preferred page where users will be redirected, such as a thank you or payment page
  • Enable customers to select from multiple saved shipping addresses for their convenience
  • Integrate the Stripe payment system to make transactions even faster and more secure
  • Achieve effortless localisation with full compatibility with the WPML translation tool
WooCommerce One-Click Checkout Plugin

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  1. Charlotte

    The WooCommerce One-Click Checkout by Expect Best is a game-changer! It simplifies the checkout process and saves time for both customers and businesses. Highly recommended!

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