WooCommerce Pinterest Extension

WooCommerce Pinterest Extension

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What you get: Setup of our WooCommerce Pinterest extension.

Your products deserve the spotlight; give them a stage with our WooCommerce Pinterest extension.

Do you want to tap into an eager audience that’s after fresh, new ideas? If so, our WooCommerce Pinterest extension is your gateway to boundless opportunities. On Pinterest, 97% of top searches are unbranded, making it the perfect platform to introduce your products. Linking this extension to your existing Pinterest account couldn’t be smoother. We’ll download, install, and activate your WooCommerce Pinterest extension. That way, your WooCommerce store will be directly connected to your Pinterest business account in no time. Not only will your entire catalogue become browsable on Pinterest, but you’ll also get automatic daily updates. No hassle, no fuss — just a few clicks, and you’re set. You’ll have all the tools you need to succeed when you use features like Product Pins, which transform your catalogue into clickable items. When paired with Pinterest tags, it can help measure your conversion rates. By adding the verified merchant program, you can increase your distribution and trustworthiness. This will give you a complete package that’s more than just promising but essential.

Don’t miss out on this chance to expand your brand’s reach and profitability.


  • Our quick setup enables you to install and link your WooCommerce and Pinterest accounts
  • Product Pins feature transforms your whole catalogue into interactive and clickable pins on Pinterest
  • Daily Updates ensure your catalogue is refreshed daily to reflect the most current offerings
  • Pinterest Tag allows you to track conversion rates, optimise your ads and retarget with precision
  • The Shop Tab on your profile is your ongoing Pinterest storefront for easy browsing and shopping
  • Verified Merchant Program offers a badge of trustworthiness and opens the door to enhanced distribution channels
  • Benefit from an environment where 97% of top Pinterest searches are unbranded, offering unparalleled exposure
  • Built-in Shopping features are integrated seamlessly into the organic Pinterest experience, making shopping a breeze
  • Brand Loyalty is fostered more easily on Pinterest, where users are 50% more likely to explore new brands
  • Easy Sync connects your Pinterest business account with your WooCommerce store seamlessly for synchronised updates
WooCommerce Pinterest Extension

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  1. Charlotte

    Expect Best offers a great solution for showcasing your Woocommerce products on Pinterest. It’s easy to use and helps drive more traffic to your online store. Highly recommended!

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