WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products Plugin

WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products Plugin

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What you get: Installation and setup of our WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site.

Unlock the secret to repeat business with the WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products plugin.

At Expect Best, we understand the goldmine that is online browsing data. The WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products plugin brilliantly taps into this reservoir. It can help you capitalise on your user’s natural tendency towards the familiar. Its advanced algorithm works diligently in the background, logging the items your visitors have their eyes on. Then, like a skilled matchmaker, it brings them back together, nudging the consumer subtly towards a commitment — that is, a purchase. But the beauty of this ingenious tool doesn’t stop there. We offer you the flexibility to place this ‘Recently Viewed Products’ section wherever it serves you best. This can be on your website’s home page, cart page, or within the user account settings. Customise it, set it, forget it. Our plugin will keep your conversions high, the customer experience stellar, and your profits soaring. So why wait?

Make this savvy addition to your WooCommerce store now.


  • Craft special email offers that focus on recently viewed items to entice buyers back
  • Integrate easily with your existing WooCommerce store for immediate benefits
  • Opt to display recently viewed items or recommend similar products to users
  • Boost conversions with timely email reminders to potential customers
  • Choose the optimal location for your ‘Recently Viewed’ section for maximum impact
  • Generate custom shortcodes for flexible ‘Recently Viewed’ section placement
  • Feature a ‘Most viewed products’ section to highlight popular items
  • Maintain users’ browsing history across multiple browsers for a seamless experience
  • Schedule automatic email reminders to re-engage users after their last visit
  • Customise email reminders and include special discount codes as purchase incentives
WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products Plugin

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  1. Charlotte

    I highly recommend Expect Best’s WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products. It provides a seamless browsing experience for customers, allowing them to easily track and revisit products they have shown interest in.

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