WooCommerce Review for Discounts Plugin

WooCommerce Review for Discounts Plugin

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What you get: Installation and setup of our WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site.

Increase trust, conversions, and loyalty with our WooCommerce Review for Discounts plugin.

In the digital age, consumer reviews are the heartbeat of online retail. Building trust and engagement often boils down to what your customers are saying about you. With our WooCommerce Review for Discounts plugin, you don’t just amplify your brand’s voice. You do so by encouraging those all-important customer testimonials. In return for sharing their valuable insights, shoppers are rewarded with an attractive coupon. Rewards like these help nudge your customers towards their next purchase. The plugin is designed to integrate with your WooCommerce store seamlessly. So you can automate the process of soliciting reviews and sending out discounts. As a retailer, you can customise when these coupons are sent out — either immediately upon receiving a review or after it has been approved. In this way, you have a steady flow of organic, high-quality reviews that enhance your brand reputation. So, why is this plugin a must-have for your online store? Not only does it help in gathering reviews, but it also rewards your customers — thereby fostering a cycle of positive interaction. The plugin has many features that let you control things like coupon values and validity periods. You can also choose which products can have reviews. So why not encourage reviews and reward loyalty today with our WooCommerce Review for Discounts plugin? Don’t miss the chance to convert your customers into brand advocates.

Get your WooCommerce Review for Discounts plugin now and start building a community around your brand.


  • Triggers automated emails once reviews are approved, keeping the process efficient
  • Offers the option to personalise email content, giving your brand a distinct voice
  • Provides the choice of sending coupons immediately or upon review approval for added flexibility
  • Allows you to reward reviews only for selected product categories, narrowing your focus
  • Enables the customisation of coupon values and restrictions, offering a tailored approach
  • It lets you easily set coupon validity periods, aligning with your marketing campaigns
  • Manages the deletion of coupons, either automatically or manually, to keep things neat
  • Integrates effortlessly with your existing WooCommerce store, ensuring a smooth operation
  • Sends out reminders to customers to leave reviews, encouraging consistent engagement
  • Supports multiple languages with WPML compatibility, broadening your market reach
WooCommerce Review for Discounts Plugin

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