WooCommerce Watermark Plugin

WooCommerce Watermark Plugin

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What you get: Installation and setup of our WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site.

Effortlessly safeguard your digital assets with our WooCommerce Watermark plugin.

In a digitally interconnected era, the protection of your eCommerce assets is paramount. Your product images aren’t merely pictures; they’re the visual backbone of your online business. Leaving them unguarded is like leaving your shop’s door unlocked — it’s exposed to the risk of theft and misuse. That’s where Expect Best steps in with our WooCommerce Watermark plugin. It’s perfectly designed to safeguard your valuable assets with its user-friendly interface. Our plugin allows you to seamlessly apply your logo, credits, or copyright tags to your WooCommerce product images. You gain complete control over the size, position, and opacity of your watermark and can accomplish it all in just a few clicks. The plugin doesn’t just lock down your images; it amplifies your brand’s presence. So you can ensure that every product photo becomes a secure and strategic asset. From custom text watermarks to intricate logo placements, we offer you the arsenal to fend off digital pilferage. So why compromise? Make your images theft-proof and brand-boosting all at once. Are you ready to make a secure and savvy decision for your e-commerce business?

Choose our WooCommerce Watermark plugin today.


  • Apply watermarks effortlessly to all your product images, safeguarding your entire catalogue in a snap
  • Enjoy complete control over the size, position, and opacity of your watermark for custom branding
  • Safeguard your images from unauthorised use while also protecting your server from performance strain
  • Amplify your brand’s visibility directly on each product image, making your mark in your customer’s mind
  • Utilise the global watermarks option for across-the-board image protection on all product categories
  • Exercise the freedom to apply uniquely styled watermarks to specific products for greater differentiation
  • Craft text-based watermarks with your choice of fonts and colours, offering both variety and security
  • Upload your existing business logo or any custom image to serve as a robust and eye-catching watermark
  • Benefit from multiple options to tailor the style, transparency, and position of each watermark
  • Remove applied watermarks effortlessly and revert your images to their pristine original state with just a click
WooCommerce Watermark Plugin

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  1. Charlotte

    The WooCommerce Watermark plugin by Expect Best is a game changer for my online store. It effortlessly adds watermarks to my product images, protecting my brand and giving my website a professional look. Highly recommend!

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