WordPress Backup Plugin

WordPress Backup Plugin

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  • Fully supported
  • Install included
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What you get: Installation and setup of our backup plugin on your WordPress website (additional space not inc.).

Our WordPress backup plugin turns web catastrophes into mere hiccups.

In the digital age, safeguarding your WordPress website is akin to safeguarding your livelihood. Imagine years of content, customer data, and hard work vanishing in a blink. That’s why the essence of data safety is embodied in our WordPress backup plugin. Our plugin is not just another tool; it’s your website’s insurance policy. With up to 50GB storage and 24/7 expert live WordPress support, it offers a one-stop solution for all your backup needs. You can integrate it with third-party services like Google Drive and Amazon S3 or utilise the WPMU DEV Storage for that added layer of security. Our plugin has features you’ll love. For starters, there are incremental backups to save space, an easy setup wizard, and one-click restores for site recovery. To make matters easy for you, we’ll install and set up the plugin for you, so all you need to do is carry on with your business worry-free. Don’t leave your website’s future to chance.

Secure your website with our WordPress backup plugin.


  • Enjoy up to 50GB of secure Pro-only storage for all your backup needs
  • Seamless integration options with popular services like Amazon S3 and Google Drive
  • Limitless third-party backup capabilities for flexible storage solutions
  • Exclusive access to an entire suite of WPMU DEV Pro plugins for holistic site management
  • Incremental backup functionality to maximise your storage efficiency
  • Automated and scheduled backups to keep your data up to date without manual effort
  • Hassle-free one-click backup and restore features for quick data recovery
  • Multisite compatibility allows you to easily scale and manage multiple WordPress installations
  • Fully GDPR-compliant storage in Europe and the United States to meet your legal requirements
WordPress Backup Plugin

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  1. Charlotte

    The Expect Best backup plugin set up on my WordPress website was seamless and efficient. I feel confident knowing my data is protected. Highly recommended!

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