WordPress Maintenance Level 1

WordPress Maintenance Level 1

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  • Fully supported
  • Install included
  • Updated with subscription

What you get: Monthly WordPress maintenance for small sites (under 10 pages).

Secure your peace of mind with our WordPress Maintenance Level 1 package.

In today’s digital world, an outdated or vulnerable website is a liability no business can afford. That’s why we’ve crafted our WordPress Maintenance Level 1 package. This bespoke service is specifically designed for small websites with fewer than ten pages. The mechanics we employ are simple but vital. We cover everything from full backups and WordPress updates to theme adjustments and plugin overhauls. The process is seamless and handled by experts who prioritise your website’s health and longevity. The package includes full backup, WordPress and theme updates, plugin updates, and even a security scan on a rolling contract basis. Investing in this level of maintenance allows you to focus on what really matters — your business. Choose our introductory maintenance package and experience the freedom of a well-maintained website. Secure your website’s future and give yourself peace of mind.

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  • Full backup keeps all your important data safe and secure
  • Regular WordPress updates ensure you’re using the latest features and security measures
  • Timely theme updates keep your site looking fresh and modern
  • Plugin updates maintain a high level of website functionality
  • A comprehensive security scan identifies vulnerabilities to keep your site safe
  • A rolling contract provides you with the flexibility to adapt your service needs
  • An expert team dedicated to your site ensures top-quality maintenance
  • Compatibility checks with updates guarantee your site functions smoothly
  • Service tailored specifically to small websites with fewer than ten pages ensures a custom fit
  • Zero downtime means your website remains live and functional during the maintenance process
WordPress Maintenance Level 1
monthly subscription

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  1. Jake

    Expect Best provides excellent WordPress Maintenance Level 1 services. They are reliable, efficient, and always ensure my website is running smoothly. Highly recommend their services for any WordPress user.

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