WordPress Maintenance Level 2

WordPress Maintenance Level 2

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What you get: Monthly WordPress maintenance for medium sites (over 10 pages).

Our WordPress Maintenance Level 2 package offers next-level care for your growing website.

Navigating the complexities of a medium-sized website requires a different level of care. Such a level of care surpasses that of standard maintenance. That’s where our WordPress Maintenance Level 2 service package comes into play. It’s expertly crafted to cater to websites with over ten pages, so we can ensure that your site not only remains functional but also excels. From full backups and frequent WordPress updates to tweaking themes and plugins, every aspect is managed by our team. Additional perks like image compression and fixing any security issues help amplify the value of this package. The best part is that these processes are rolled into a simple, flexible contract. You can be sure you’ll receive a comprehensive solution with our WordPress Maintenance Level 2 package. It’s the best way of turning your medium-sized website into a high-performing, secure powerhouse.

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  • Full backup provides unshakeable data safety for your website
  • Regular WordPress updates keep your site ahead of the curve
  • Theme updates maintain a fresh and appealing visual experience
  • Plugin updates are carried out to ensure top-notch functionality
  • Security scans actively identify and mitigate potential threats
  • Image compression significantly improves your website’s load speed
  • Immediate fixes tackle any security issues to ensure site safety
  • A rolling contract offers ongoing flexibility in service management
  • Specifically tailored for medium websites with more than ten pages
  • An expert team dedicated to giving your website the attention it needs
WordPress Maintenance Level 2
monthly subscription

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  1. Jake

    Expect Best’s WordPress Maintenance Level 2 provides top-notch support and maintenance for my website. Their team is reliable and efficient, ensuring my site stays up-to-date and secure. Highly recommended.

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