WordPress Maintenance Level 3

WordPress Maintenance Level 3

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What you get: Monthly WordPress maintenance for WooCommerce sites.

Safeguard and optimise your eCommerce ventures with WordPress Maintenance Level 3.

For an eCommerce site built on WooCommerce, the intricacies of upkeep can be daunting yet crucial. That’s where our WordPress Maintenance Level 3 service comes to the rescue. Tailored to address the complex needs of WooCommerce platforms, we offer a range of indispensable features. We’ve got you covered when it comes to keeping your data safe. We do full backups and regularly update WordPress, themes, and plugins. But that’s not all. Our service also includes targeted image compression and security and styling issues fixes. It also comes with up to three hours of dedicated work on plugin issues. Wrapped in a convenient rolling contract, our WordPress Maintenance Level 3 package keeps your site at its absolute best. Elevate your WooCommerce site’s performance and security today.

Opt for our WordPress Maintenance Level 3 package today.


  • Full backup ensures your vital eCommerce data remains safe and accessible
  • Regular WordPress updates deliver cutting-edge functionalities to your site
  • Theme updates rejuvenate the site for an updated look and enhanced user experience
  • Plugin updates keep your eCommerce operations running smoothly and efficiently
  • Security scans actively monitor and safeguard your online transactions
  • Image compression boosts site speed, enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Quick fixes resolve any security issues to keep your site trustworthy
  • Styling issues are swiftly addressed for a seamless and coherent design
  • Up to three hours of focused work to resolve any plugin-related problems
  • Rolling contract offers ongoing adaptability and peace of mind for service management
WordPress Maintenance Level 3
monthly subscription

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  1. Jake

    Expect Best’s WordPress Maintenance Level 3 is exceptional. They efficiently handle updates, backups, security, and more. Their expertise ensures my website is running smoothly, giving me peace of mind.

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