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We have great experience in the Digital Marketing world and we have great expertise in the SEO field. Our clients are always satisfied with the work we do for them as we help them improve SEO, increase enquires and ultimately increasing the revenue. We will undergo some research on your website to find your target audience and come up with the keywords that are relevant to your site so when you are ranking for these keywords the audience that will be visiting your website will be specifically looking for your services/products

The First Steps In Our Process

It is very important to get the research phase of the project done correctly as you don’t want to be targeting the wrong audience. We also understand that you know your own business better than anyone else so we listen to what keywords that you might want to target based on what kind of audience you have sold to before. When we get onto your site, we will set you up on our software which will scan all the keywords each month to get an update on how the campaign is going and how you are moving in the rankings. We will also set you up on google analytics so you can see things like how many users have been on your site in the last month, the bounce rate (this is the amount of people that come onto the site and leave after only viewing one page) and many more statistics so you can see where your site is excelling and where it needs improvement.

Our Process:

When we first get onto your site we will immediately start looking at all the existing content that is on your site and looking at the things that are necessary for good organic rankings and we will make sure that all of this is updated to meet the standard requirements that we set ourselves to make sure that you have the best chance at climbing up the rankings as fast as we can get you there. Then after all our checks are done on the content that is already on the site we will look to start creating our own pages on your site, now these pages can be accessed by a public users from the homepage if you want them to be or we can make it so they don’t link the homepage but still will be accessible from organic searches on google. When creating this content, we will make sure to stay relevant to your own services that you offer with accuracy so when someone comes across it, to them it will just be another page on your site and not a page that can be seen to be just for SEO. When we are constructing these pages we will need to have images that are relevant to each service of yours, we can source these images ourselves but if you already have good quality images and videos you would like us to use then that would be very helpful in the making of your campaign. Google likes content with images and video as these are better for user experience and make the users time on your site so much better. Once we have created a page, we can scan the page to make sure that it is as optimised as we can get it so we can assure you that every page we do on your site will be the best it can be.

Achieving Your Goals:

When we send you a report at the beginning of every month you will see your sites rankings and how they have move up positions or moved down positions. SEO is a waiting game and in the first few months you may not see any dramatic changes in your targeted keywords, this is because for SEO to work it needs time to build up and for Google to recognise the relevant content and credit your pages for the content that has been made. But once you start to reach one of your targets you will find that many of your other targets will become more and more achievable. You will also start to see more users onto your site as your rankings start to grow. The bounce rate on your site should also start to decrease as you will be targeting an audience that are specifically looking for your services. This is all good but what really matters to you is the amount of revenue that this will bring in for you. Now we cannot guarantee anything but having a look at some of our existing clients and when they first started their campaigns with us, we are confident that you will be able to make more money from your website.


With every SEO campaign backlink are very much essential, we can build these up for you as part of the campaign. It is important to get as many backlinks as you can, Google will see how many backlinks you have and will give your site a better credibility based on what sites you a getting backlinks from. But you have to be careful as if you are getting backlinks from a site, they think is trying to cheat the system. Google will discredit the site and ultimately negatively effect your SEO rankings. That is why it is always best to leave it to the Professional SEO Services people, Us. We will make sure that every backlink we get is legit and has no chance of negatively effecting your rankings. These backlinks we can do on Facebook, Instagram and other social medias. But we can also get back links from other sites you may be associated with.