Aleyah’s Kitchen

Pan Asian Takeaway

Eating right, staying active, and making healthy food choices is NO EASY FEAT. After all, chemicals and ingredients we struggle to pronounce aren’t all that appetising – so why should we consume them? Aleyah’s Kitchen know that fresh is best. That’s why every single one of their dishes is cooked one wok at a time using fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Services Provided

We’re all fans of food that’s convenient – and fast food is not just fast; it’s inexpensive, hot, and tastes GOOD. But deciding what flavour you favour can be tough. Fortunately, @aleyahskitchen has made things simple. This Pan Asian takeaway serves Indian, Thai and Chinese courses in Parkstone. Like the spread of their dishes, they wanted word of their business to travel – so they called on us.


Our team took a three-pronged approach to Aleyah’s Kitchen’s web design and accompanying menus. We centred their brand on Thai, Indian and Chinese cuisine and built them a mobile-friendly website around that. Using a glorious mix of feature blocks, parallax images and other interactive elements, it seems as though we’ve come up with a recipe for success.