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Giving you the help and advice you need, when you need it most. Atheneys Law is a company dedicated to helping families like yours each and every day. They take pride in serving individuals with expert, personal and jargon-free legal advice at an affordable price. Atheneys Law takes the time to understand every one of their client’s needs, so they can offer the best solutions – without breaking the bank.

Services Provided

Order, order! Silence in the court. Atheneys Law dedicates itself to delivering expert, personal and jargon-free legal advice – at an affordable price. However, for such services to operate effectively in this day and age, they needed to connect with as many customers as possible. The most logical way to do so was with a clean and modern website. This website would need to showcase all services available to those in need, preferably in a bold and dynamic way. Atheneys Law approached Expect Best to provide them with just that. Word had it that we build stunning, state-of-the-art websites – but then again, they’d be the judge of that.


Our team got to work and when all was said and done, we rested our case. The evidence was submitted, the proceedings closed and it was time to wait for the jury of public opinion to reach its verdict. After some discussion it was agreed . . . the website was just what Atheneys Law were after! In fact, they were so impressed with the result that they asked us to embark on an SEO campaign for them. This would specifically target keywords and help bolster Google rankings. Allowing them to be seen by those who need them most.

Animated Video

As part of the web build, Atheneys Law requested we create and implement an animated video. The video in question would detail the most common reasons why Simple Mirror Wills don’t necessarily protect an individual’s legacy. This was conveyed using animated characters, Joe and Mary – a typical couple with two children. As seen in the video above, the two had a will drawn up in the event that one of them died. Sadly, that was the case (and it only got worse from there). However, had Joe and Mary seen Atheneys Law, they would have been able to protect their assets.

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