Baffi Pizza Poole & Bournemouth Web Design

Baffi Pizza Poole & Bournemouth Web Design

At Baffi Pizza, the essence of Italian cuisine is celebrated with a fiery passion. Established in 2014, Baffi is not just a pizza brand; it’s a custodian of authentic Italian traditions. Rooted in tradition, their Neapolitan pizzas embody a legacy passed through generations. For that reason, Baffi’s values are simple — fresh ingredients, a cherished sourdough recipe, and enjoying time with loved ones.

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00:00 | Introduction

Hi, I’m Josh. I work here at Expect Best web design and internet marketing in Poole and today we’re going to be looking at one of our projects. Wingz and Tingz wanted us to create a new vibrant logo, a new menu and a new website – allowing them to take orders online – leaving them to focus on what really matters to them, and that’s making the food.

00:08 | Requirements

Today’s project is Baffi, Baffi is one of the most popular pizza venues in Bournemouth and Poole Known for their wood-fired, authentic Neapolitan-style pizza & wide range of tasty pastas. Baffi only uses fresh ingredients as they aim to give you the full Italian experience. Baffi came to us needing a brand new website design & website build. The design needed to be elegant & minimal just like their current branding. The design needed to have a focus on imagery & bold titles. Baffi also needed a bespoke booking system that allowed users to book tables inside or outside their restaurants. We needed to create a booking form that allowed the user to be able to book a Date, Time & number of people attending also needed to allow the user to add notes. After the Design & build was completed we started doing email marketing to help boost the views and interaction with the website this was done using Baffi’s Mailchimp account that already had a dedicated list of previous customers we also needed to make sure the website had a way to capture future customers who wanted to opt-in for marketing.

01:18 | Design Phase

We started the project off with the design phase for the new website. Before starting the design we had to consider the site’s main purpose, which was to drive users to the bespoke booking system we created. So to achieve this I used the imagery of their delicious pizza to entice the user. The booking form needed to be prominent and easy to find. The second biggest focus of the design was incorporating the food & drinks menus. These menus needed to be updated frequently so we needed to fit them on their own page that was easy to update and simple for the user to read and also download the food & drinks menus to their devices.

02:01 | Build Phase

The most vital part of the build phase was the booking system this had to work perfectly with all the times the client supplied us. So we started by first creating a separate booking system for outside and inside as they both had different specifications & rules. The user selects a day from a calendar making it as simple as possible then this is followed by the time and the number of people. The user receives a confirmation & a reminder by email. The remainder is automatically sent a set amount of time before their allotted booked slot. Baffi has 3 locations so each location needed its own bespoke booking page, each of these pages also needed Google maps integrated into them allowing customers to get easy directions to the restaurants. We integrated Instagram into the website also so every time the user revisited to book they could see new and fresh photos of food and Baffi.

03:03 | Extra Work

After the project was completed we started the monthly email campaigns through Mailchimp to help bring people back to the site to make bookings and showcase what is on offer. This weekly process was achieved by first getting the latest information from Baffi and then doing a clean design which reflected the website design for the email campaign before building it in mail chimp and sending it to all their past & present customers. The aim of most of these emails was to focus the customer’s attention on the latest deal & then to book, The booking form saved lots of time as it meant the customers did not need to call Baffi to book tables. Baffi also needed social media posts created to be posted parallel to the emails.

03:48 | Results!

The new website was proving to be a success, a huge amount of customers were navigating through the site with ease and the booking form has been used over 10,000 times, another brilliant result from this project was the Mailchimp email open rates, the emails we created had customers excited to open, read and click to book their next trip to Baffi! The open rate was %60.

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Our Mission for Baffi Pizza

By Harriet — ‘Famiglia Di Baffi’ est. 2014.

At Expect Best, we embarked on a journey with Baffi Pizza, a mission to extend their heartfelt family ethos into the digital realm. Our collaboration wasn’t just a project but a partnership in weaving a digital narrative that resonates with the heart of Baffi’s ethos. We knew that their unique story needed a platform that resonated with its values of authenticity and tradition. So, with our web design and digital marketing expertise, we sculpted a shining online presence. One that mirrored the warmth and authenticity of a Baffi dining experience. Our approach was twofold — firstly, we crafted a website that was as inviting and user-friendly as their restaurants.

The site’s design reflects Baffi’s rustic charm and commitment to quality. It was expressly designed to make online visitors feel like they’re stepping into one of their cosy eateries. Secondly, we connected Baffi with our digital marketing approach. We focused expressly on connecting with their community through targeted email marketing. This created a direct line of communication with their community of pizza enthusiasts. Per their instruction, we shared stories, promotions, and updates to improve customer relations. Our solutions were not just about aesthetics but about creating an extension of the Baffi family online.

Furthermore, our hosting services ensured Baffi’s online presence was solid and dependable. It enabled them to serve their online community as efficiently and warmly as they do in their restaurants. Our work with Baffi Pizza is a proud chapter in our journey at Expect Best. This journey with Baffi has been a testament to our commitment to amplifying our clients’ unique stories. This isn’t just about combining tradition and technology to create a digital platform. This was never about developing a website. It was about building a place to congregate and appreciate Baffi’s authentic Italian dining.

Baffi Pizza Poole & Bournemouth Web Design

What We Provided Baffi Pizza

Baffi Pizza Poole & Bournemouth Web Design

Baffi Pizza Poole & Bournemouth Web Design

Our web design for Baffi Pizza was not just about aesthetics; it was about creating an online space that captures the heart and soul of the brand. We focused on creating a functional interface as welcoming and intuitive as walking into their restaurants. The website serves as a digital gateway to Baffi’s world. Each element — from the layout to the colour scheme — is a nod to their Italian heritage and commitment to authenticity. The intuitive design ensures visitors can easily navigate the rich tapestry of Baffi’s menu, story, and locations.

Baffi Pizza Poole & Bournemouth Web Design

Baffi Pizza Poole & Bournemouth Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing strategy for Baffi Pizza is centred around email marketing. Our email marketing campaigns were designed to feel like an invitation from a friend, echoing the warmth of the Baffi family. By crafting bespoke, engaging email campaigns, we connected Baffi with their audience. These campaigns highlighted new menu items, special offers, and stories from the kitchen. They were expressly designed to foster a sense of community and to keep Baffi’s loyal customers engaged and informed. 

Baffi Pizza Poole & Bournemouth Web Design

Baffi Pizza Poole & Bournemouth Hosting Solutions

We provided robust hosting solutions to ensure Baffi’s online presence was as reliable as their oven’s flame. Our hosting services secure high uptime, fast loading speeds, and seamless user experiences. These are all crucial for maintaining the brand’s reputation online. This reliable backbone allows Baffi to focus on what they do best — crafting exquisite Italian dishes. Without worrying about their online infrastructure because we’d be taking care of it for them.

Baffi Pizza Poole Contact Details

Baffi Pizza Bournemouth Contact Details

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