Bath, Bubble & Beyond

Bathed in the UK.

Bath, Bubble & Beyond believes that their great selection of fun, colourful and beautiful smelling products should be easy to obtain, and quick to sell for the retailer and a pleasure for all their customers to enjoy again and again.

To this end, Bath, Bubble & Beyond’s products contain the finest possible ingredients – including “food grade” sodium bicarbonate in our bath fizzers, as it makes them fizz better! 

Services Provided


? Fabulous ? Funky ? Foaming

As a wholesome wholesaler, Bath, Bubble & Beyond’s fizzy, fragrant and fun products are easy to obtain – and quick to sell. Unafraid of making a splash with marketing and unwilling to risk any customers slipping away, these soaperstars got in touch.


At Expect Best, we build brands online.

With a snap, crackle and pop, our team dropped the (bath) bomb, tinkered with and rebuilt their WooCommerce store. Our SEO specialists went with the flow and took the plunge to clear up the murky waters of their online visibility. This approach is the most viable and cost-effective way to ensure their kaleidoscopic creations are obtained online in no time.

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