Bath, Bubble & Beyond Poole Web Design

Bath, Bubble & Beyond Poole Web Design

Bath, Bubble & Beyond specialise in bath and beauty products. Since the 1980s, they’ve made a splash in forming an array of fun, fragrant, and skin-friendly items. Quintessentially British, they are committed to quality and celebrating life’s simple pleasures. Each one of their colourful creations is infused with premium, cruelty-free ingredients. They believe in enhancing the nationwide bathing experience by indulging in the fizz of excitement.

Services Provided

Our Mission for Bath, Bubble & Beyond

All of our products are made in the UK.

At Expect Best, we embarked on a journey with Bath, Bubble & Beyond to elevate their online presence to match their vibrant products. Our approach was holistic and intertwined their core ethos with our innovative solutions. Understanding their unique brand essence, we crafted a digital strategy as dynamic and engaging as their bath bombs. Our team developed a bespoke, user-friendly WooCommerce website tailored to their trade customers.

Through a managed SEO campaign, we ensured they sparkled online like their products do in the bath. This helped significantly amplify their online visibility and customer engagement. In addition to this, we offered support with their emails and professional photography. The latter, in particular, was a vivid addition to their website. One that further showcased their eye-catching range of vibrant bath bombs. Yet all of this would be for nought were it not for our hosting solutions. Seamlessly integrated hosting ensures robust, reliable online operations.

Meanwhile, our custom systems further enhanced their website’s functionality. We implemented a bespoke trade login for price visibility that catered to their wholesale customers. We also added an element of digital flair by creating and animating custom banners for the hero section on their website. This comprehensive approach not only streamlined their online processes but saw their digital footprint expand. It resonated with retailers and end-users, driving increased engagement and sales.

Bath, Bubble & Beyond Poole Web Design

What We Provided Bath, Bubble & Beyond

Bath, Bubble & Beyond Poole Web Design

Bath, Bubble & Beyond Poole Web Design

Our first step was to immerse Bath, Bubble & Beyond’s trade customers in an online world as effervescent as their products. We developed a WooCommerce platform, balancing aesthetics with functionality. This intuitive design doesn’t just reflect the brand’s playful spirit. It also offers seamless navigation and an effortless ordering process. This makes browsing and purchasing a delightful and intuitive experience for customers.

Bath, Bubble & Beyond Poole Web Design

Bath, Bubble & Beyond Poole Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing strategy was tailored to fizz with life, just like Bath, Bubble & Beyond’s bath bombs. The managed SEO campaign propelled their website in search rankings and connected them with more retailers across the UK. Meanwhile, our email marketing support ensured queries and orders flowed as smoothly as their bath oils. Our professional photography showcased their product’s vibrant colours and tantalising textures.

Bath, Bubble & Beyond Poole Web Design

Bath, Bubble & Beyond Poole Hosting Solutions

Reliability is key to your business’s digital presence. That’s why we provided Bath, Bubble & Beyond robust hosting solutions. Our solutions helped ensure that their website remains operational, fast, and secure. This backbone of digital infrastructure supported all online activities. Everything from customer browsing to order processing relies on your site being fast, safe, and accessible.

Bath, Bubble & Beyond Poole Web Design

Bath, Bubble & Beyond Poole Custom Systems

Customisation was crucial in addressing specific needs. We injected digital creativity through animated banners. This dynamic edge attracted and retained customer attention. Meanwhile, our custom trade login system streamlined the buying process for trade customers. The trade login feature offered exclusive access to pricing and discounts for wholesalers. It incentivises larger purchases, benefitting both the retailer and end customers.

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Bath, Bubble & Beyond Poole Print & Design

Beyond digital, we extended our services to print and design. We created digital banners for special occasions, like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Halloween. These banners reflected the seasonal spirit and perfectly mirrored the brand’s playful and vibrant ethos. By ensuring that their marketing was as dynamic and engaging as their products, we enhanced the connection to their customers.

Bath, Bubble & Beyond Contact Details

  • 01202 625400
  • [email protected]
  • Unit 5, Ventura Centre, Factory Rd, Poole BH16 5SL