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Canvas is Bournemouth’s only loft bar and live lounge that boldly emphasises high-quality live acts and DJs. Going loud and late every weekend, talented performers, DJs and bartenders create an unforgettable time. This venue is known for celebrating energy and artistry while offering a unique blend of music, cocktails, and artisanal charm. Everyone in town knows that Canvas Bournemouth has the winning formula.

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00:00 | Hi, I’m Josh. I work here at Expect Best web design and internet marketing in Poole, and today we’re going to be looking at one of our projects.


00:07 | Today’s project is CANVAS one of Bournemouth’s top venues for events and cocktails located in the centre of Bournemouth. they needed a website that showed of there unique style of nightlife. We started off with a website design that was followed by the website build. Then after the website build was completed we started an SEO and lead generation campaign focusing on new bookings and enquiries. The website needed to auto-update and be integrated with all their events from Eventbrite so the user could easily book & find their next event. This was first achieved by first doing a bespoke website design. As Canvas is popular with a wide range of ages, we needed to optimise the site so every single user could would be able to interact and operate there way through the site with ease. We went for a clean & bold design that showed the user exactly what canvas stands for.

Build Phase

01:06 | After the design was approved by the client, we moved on to the build phase. The more unique element of this site build was the Ticket that needed to be integrated onto the site and automatically update to show the latest events allow the customer to book events with ease. The second vital element of the website build was making it simple to generate leads for private functions and parties, this leads us onto the third task we had to do which was Lead generation which focused on private functions and parties we did this by using SEO we targeted all the important keywords by writing blogs & pages after these Blogs & pages are created we focus on optimization these pages to ensure that Google Ranks the keywords in a high position on the Google search page. We also do backlinks that can help with the authenticity of the site.


02:06 | After the project was completed the site was built and the SEO campaign was underway we saw brilliant results for the keyword we have been focusing on private parties & functions, and we also saw fantastic results for Bar and cocktail-related search phrases on Google. Visits and enquires were also at an all-time high.


02:25 | The SEO strategy we had put in place was working effectively, the keywords were being ranked and new visitors were coming to the site every day.


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Our Mission for Canvas

Canvas is Bournemouth’s award-winning loft bar & live lounge.

We embarked on a journey with Canvas to transform their digital presence so that it mirrored the vibrancy of their physical venue. Our collaboration was more than just a project; it was a shared vision to elevate Canvas’s online identity. We designed a sleek, contemporary website and breathed new life into their digital facade. We connected their busy event schedule with an eager online audience by using Eventbrite event feeds.

Our team’s dedication to excellence extended to a Managed SEO campaign. This ongoing campaign is tailored to boost their online visibility. This resulted in a significant surge in online traffic that mirrored the lively footsteps that graced Canvas’s floors. Our hosting options were fast and safe, matching Canvas’s efficiency and reliability.

The team at Expect Best has shown that we can combine creativity and technology through our work with Canvas. We have created a digital narrative that reflects and amplifies Canvas’s physical allure. Our web design, digital marketing, hosting, and custom systems contribute to this. We’ve created more than a website. We’ve created a digital system for Canvas that shows they are a leader in Bournemouth’s entertainment scene.

Canvas Bournemouth Web Design

What We Provided Canvas

Canvas Bournemouth Web Design

Canvas Bournemouth Web Design

Our journey with Canvas began with a transformative approach to their website. We didn’t just revamp their online presence; we reinvented it. We used advanced design principles and knowledge of Canvas’s values to create an exceptional website. The new website captures the lively feel of Canvas and gives users an engaging experience that matches the energy of the physical venue.

Canvas Bournemouth Web Design

Canvas Bournemouth Digital Marketing

When it came to digital marketing, our strategy for Canvas was as dynamic as their live shows. We focused our efforts on an extensive Managed SEO campaign. This ensured that when searching for ‘Night Out Bournemouth’ and ‘Private Bar Hire’, finding Canvas via Google was as easy as a click. This helped strengthen Canvas’s voice and help them reach more people. It also reiterates that Canvas is the main place for entertainment in Bournemouth.

Canvas Bournemouth Web Design

Canvas Bournemouth Hosting Solutions

Our commitment to Canvas extended beyond the visual and marketing aspects. We provide robust hosting solutions that are the backbone of their online operations. Our hosting services make websites lightning-fast and secure with SSL for safe user experiences. Regular backups and meticulous maintenance mean that Canvas’s digital presence isn’t just impressive. It makes it resilient and reliable — just like its reputation in the real world.

Canvas Bournemouth Web Design

Canvas Bournemouth Custom Systems

We helped Canvas by creating unique systems that made their work easier and improved how they talk with customers. Our team added an advanced event system that syncs with Eventbrite to update and enhance their event schedule. These systems have developed tools to analyse how visitors behave and what they prefer. Now, Canvas can customise its offerings to its customers. Combining technology and innovation made Canvas work better and their customers happier — both online and offline.

Canvas Contact Details

  • 01202556113
  • [email protected]
  • Canvas Loft Bar 45 Poole Hill Bournemouth BH2 5PW