Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz Poole Web Design

Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz Poole Web Design

Eating Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz? You’re cluckin’ lucky. Established in 2021, Charlie’s chicken coop embraces the philosophy that ‘good food equals a good mood’. For them, it’s not just about eating; it’s about embarking on a culinary journey where every wing tells a story of flavour and zest. Here, customers relish the freedom to customise their meals, selecting from an array of wings, portions, and sauces. This is not just food; it’s an adventure in taste and personal choice.

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00:00 – Hi, I’m Josh. I work here at Expect Best web design and internet marketing in Poole and today we’re going to be looking at one of our projects. Wingz and Tingz wanted us to create a new vibrant logo, a new menu and a new website – allowing them to take orders online – leaving them to focus on what really matters to them, and that’s making the food.

The Website

00:19 – The website was built by us in WordPress with a custom design that was created in Illustrator. The site looks and works fantastically, thanks to our incredible development team; who took the bespoke design and brought it to life with a custom WordPress template.

Social Media Marketing

00:37 – After we completed the first part of the project – which was the logo design and the website design and the menus – we moved onto the social media marketing; where we created a Facebook page for Wingz and Tingz and were running a competition where the user would enter to win by liking the post, tagging a few friends and sharing the post. This was fantastic for organic reach. This post was also boosted and we managed some ads for Wingz and Tingz also.

Thoughts on . . . Wingz and Tingz

01:05 – We can see this fantastic new chicken shop becoming a huge hit in Bournemouth and the Poole area due to their great new offerings and brilliant new online presence.

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Our Mission for Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz

Good food makes for a good mood — and what’s better than sumptuous tasty chicken from Charlie?

At Expect Best, we embarked on a vibrant journey with Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz to bring their dynamic vision to digital life. Our collaboration began with a tailored web design that reflects their brand’s energy and distinctive flair. We set about infusing their site with the essence of their brand and making it as inviting and flavourful as their menu.

From here, we implemented some innovative digital marketing strategies. This incorporated social media buzz and engaging competitions to amplify their voice in the food industry. We strengthened their presence and enticed a broader audience to indulge in their exquisite chicken wing selections. In addition to this, we ensured their digital performance was as reliable as their recipes. Our hosting solutions provide uninterrupted service to their customers to keep it swift and secure.

However, our journey didn’t end there. Our creative endeavours extended to our print & design services. We crafted a visually appealing logo and menu designs that resonate with their brand’s spirit. Each step reinforced their identity. They were a testament to our commitment to making Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz not just a restaurant but a digital culinary sensation.

Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz Poole Web Design

What We Provided Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz

Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz Poole Web Design

Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz Web Design

Our approach was to create a website that mirrors the lively atmosphere of Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz dining experience. The design encapsulates the restaurant’s ethos. Plus, interactive features allow customers to experience the joy of wing selection virtually. The intuitive layout guides users through their unique three-step wing selection process. This makes online ordering a breeze.

Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz Poole Web Design

Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz Digital Marketing

We harnessed the power of social media to create a community of chicken wing aficionados. From here, we engaged them with mouth-watering content and interactive competitions. This approach not only enhanced their online presence but also created a buzz that echoed in the offline world.

Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz Poole Web Design

Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz Hosting Solutions

Reliable hosting is crucial for a thriving online business. We provided Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz with robust hosting solutions. This way, we could ensure their site remains live, responsive, and capable of handling high traffic volumes during peak hours. Our hosting services guarantee that their digital platform is as dependable as their delicious wings.

Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz Poole Web Design

Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz Print & Design

The visual identity of Charlies Wingz & Tingz was brought to life through our print and design services. We crafted a logo that’s as unique as their flavours and designed menus that are both informative and visually enticing. These visual accoutrements far better reflect the diverse range of wings and sauces available.

Charlie’s Wingz & Tingz Contact Details

  • 07874 188948
  • [email protected]
  • 5 Station Approach, Broadstone, Poole, BH18 8AX