Coleese Poole Web Design

Coleese Poole Web Design

Coleese represents the essence of individuality in the hair and beauty industry. Established in 1993, their salon on the South Coast thrives on creating personalised experiences. They blend professionalism with warmth and ensure each visit is relaxed and special. Truly epitomising bespoke beauty care, they don’t just meet but exceed client expectations. This way, they can ensure each visit revolves around crafting unique looks tailored to each client’s lifestyle and needs.

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Our Mission for Coleese

Give your hair a new look.

At Expect Best, we pride ourselves on aligning with client values and aspirations. So, when we partnered with Coleese to elevate their digital presence, we leapt to the challenge. For Coleese, our journey began with understanding their unique ethos — a salon that’s not just a service but an experience. From here, we designed a bespoke web design that resonates with their unique brand personality. The web design we crafted reflects Coleese’s commitment to individuality and quality. It also reflects the sophistication and individuality of their services.

Utilising our expertise in digital marketing, we enhanced Coleese’s online visibility. Our tailored social media posts and professional photography captured the essence of their brand. By resonating with their ethos of personalisation and excellence, we could connect them with a broader audience. However, this would have been for nought had it not been for our custom hosting solutions. These ensured a seamless online experience for their clientele — as reliable and welcoming as their salon.

Additionally, our custom systems streamlined their client interaction thanks to its user-friendly interface. The creation of vouchers and forms made each engagement with Coleese online as personal and satisfying as in their salon. This holistic digital transformation by Expect Best hasn’t just reinforced Coleese’s brand identity. It’s also amplified their market reach. In essence, we didn’t just provide services; we extended Coleese’s ethos into the digital realm.

Coleese Poole Web Design

What We Provided Coleese

Coleese Poole Web Design

Coleese Poole Web Design

Our web design for Coleese seamlessly integrates elegance with functionality. Focused on user experience, we created a visually appealing and intuitive website. The design aesthetic mirrors Coleese’s commitment to bespoke beauty solutions. It offers a digital journey as refined and personalised as their in-salon experience.

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Coleese Poole Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, we focused on enhancing Coleese’s online presence. Our strategies included targeted social media campaigns and professional photography. These encapsulated the essence of Coleese’s brand. This strategic online presence captures the essence of their brand, connecting with clients old and new.

Coleese Poole Web Design

Coleese Poole Hosting Solutions

Reliability is key in hosting solutions. For Coleese, we provided robust and secure hosting. Our hosting services guarantee high uptime, fast loading speeds, and robust security. These are essential for maintaining a professional online presence. This foundation supports the seamless digital experience that Coleese’s clientele expects.

Coleese Poole Web Design

Coleese Poole Custom Systems

Our custom systems for Coleese include voucher creation and form functionalities. These were tailored to enhance client engagement and simplify the booking and purchasing process. They make every interaction with Coleese online as seamless and personalised as their in-salon service.

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