Crest Pumps

Chemical Pumping Solutions

Established in 1973, Crest Pumps manufactures and distributes chemical resistant centrifugal pumps. These corrosion-resistant pumps are made of polypropylene, PVC, PVDF, PTFE and stainless steel. Yet above all, this British born family business takes great pride in its attention to detail and customer service. This way, they offer competitively priced pumps with high-efficiency performance and quick deliveries. Crest Pumps is the UK distributor for ASSOMA mag drive acid pumps designed for all chemical transfer pump applications.

Services Provided

? Siphon ? Suck ? Swell

Whether it’s health and safety risks, costly repairs or the added stress of downtime, pump failure can create the wrong kind of pressure. Fortunately, as a British manufacturer, Crest Pumps understand the unthinkable cost of a plant shutdown. Yet, no matter if it’s your finances at stake or your reputation, you can trust their engineers have built their pumps to run like clockwork! Yet, there was one thing they simply couldn’t build – so they reached out to us.


At Expect Best, we build brands online.

Crest Pumps asked us to rebuild their website to make their products far clearer to customers. They also needed a streamlined way for clients to contact them for personalised pumps. We rebuilt their website and even built a product configurator that questions clients and picks the perfect pump for them. Our team also created an interactive “Meet the Team” page and designed and printed bespoke packs of “Top Pumps” for an upcoming trade show. Thrilled such things weren’t a pipedream, Crest Pumps’ is once more feeling flush.

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