Ear Clear

Mobile Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

EarClear established in 2021 by Aaliyah, a clinical Audiologist working within the ENT department and across hospitals in Surrey for the past 10 years.

Due to a high demand of a service that removes ear wax, a mobile service has been set up where the procedure can be performed from the comfort of your home using videoscopy, endoscopy and microsuction techniques. This use of technology has revolutionised the way we can effectively remove build up of ear wax and delivers far greater results compared to ear syringing.
Contact us now and book your next ear wax removal service. Get clearer hearing in no time!

Services Provided

Ear Clear came to use wanting a new website & design.


Our designer created a clean and concise aesthetic that we fleshed into a mobile responsive website. Wanting to keep the experience hassle-free, we not only provide ongoing support but fully host our WordPress sites too. Now, Aaliyah can focus on turning the lives of her clients around with Ear Clear.

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