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Elegant Interiors is an interior design business created by close friends Karen and Sarah. Based in Poole, Dorset, they offer bespoke services to residential and commercial projects in and around the South Coast. Years of experience in interior design, decorating, and construction is a testament to their success. Yet it’s their approach to each new project that has resulted in their exceptional and elegant reputation.

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Driven by a shared eye for detail, design and business, Karen and Sarah combined their passions and built Elegant Interiors. This interior design company has since sprinkled a touch of elegance across homes across the South Coast. Yet, whilst the duo realised the combination of their strengths was an incredible force, something was holding them back. Web design was not at the top of their forte. So, to make their online space more homely, they reached out to us.


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Much like Elegant Interiors, we understand that each client is an individual with their own needs and dreams for their personal space. When building their website, we placed particular importance on its practicality and ease of access. We wanted to ensure that – like their own work – their interface not only looked beautiful but was also livable and inviting. Karen and Sarah fully embraced the sleek and elegant space we built to help you realise any interior project.

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