Galactech Poole Web Design

Galactech Poole Web Design

Galactech is a beacon in the IT and Telecoms industry and thrives on delivering honest, well-priced advice and assistance. Each team member boasts over 15 years of experience, ensuring expertise in diverse business sectors. Their commitment lies in offering pain-free, hassle-free technology solutions. They are driven by a passion for transparent, customer-focused service and a dedication to advancing IT and Telecoms.

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Our Mission for Galactech

Managed IT services adapted to your business.

At Expect Best, we embraced the challenge of elevating Galactech’s digital presence. Our journey began by meticulously understanding their ethos — to provide clear, honest IT solutions. Our team mirrored this simplicity in our web design. We created a user-friendly interface that reflects their commitment to transparency and professionalism. Digital marketing was our next frontier. We sculpted an Assisted SEO campaign emphasising Galactech’s unique selling points and expertise in the IT sector. The result was a significant boost in online visibility, with a surge in engagement and customer trust.

The final piece of our collaborative puzzle was ensuring robust hosting solutions. These bring an added layer of robustness and reliability to their digital infrastructure. Here, we provide seamless, uninterrupted online experiences for Galactech’s clients. Best of all, this helped reinforce their dedication to reliability and proactive service. So Galactech didn’t just achieve a stronger online presence through our collaborative effort.

Together, we crafted a digital ecosystem that cemented their reputation as industry leaders in the IT and Telecoms sector. This comprehensive suite of services has enhanced Galactech’s digital footprint and showcased our dedication to offering complete, tailored digital solutions. It’s also helped truly reinforce their position as a trusted leader in the IT and Telecoms industry. Our work with Galactech exemplifies our ethos: to craft digital experiences that resonate, engage, and endure. With our support, they are poised to reach new heights in their business journey.

Galactech Poole Web Design

What We Provided Galactech

Galactech Poole Web Design

Galactech Poole Web Design

Our first step was to revamp Galatech’s website with a web design blending aesthetics and functionality. We developed a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, inviting and informative design. One that echoes Galatech’s commitment to simplicity and efficiency. Their new layout offers a seamless user experience and highlights their core services and expertise. This way, we could ensure that every visitor feels welcomed and guided. The design mirrors Galactech’s approach to IT — straightforward, efficient, and user-focused.

Galactech Poole Web Design

Galactech Poole Digital Marketing

The digital marketing strategy we developed for Galactech aimed to elevate its online presence. Their team could write content but wrestled with technical search engine optimisation. Fortunately for them, we offer a 50/50 split at Expect Best — meaning you provide the content, and we’ll take care of the technical optimisation. By leveraging our Assisted SEO campaign, we enhanced their online presence and helped them reach a broader audience. This increased visibility has drawn in an audience that values transparent IT solutions.

Galactech Poole Web Design

Galactech Poole Hosting Solutions

Recognising the critical role of dependable hosting, we provide robust hosting solutions. Premium hosting is imperative for businesses to ensure their website remains fast, secure, and reliable. Our hosting services are designed to handle high traffic volumes, providing a smooth experience for your clients. This reliability not only ensures their online services remain accessible and efficient at all times. It also mirrors Galactech’s commitment to delivering quick, reliable connections and hassle-free experiences.

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My business has been working with Expect Best for around 7 years now and we are always impressed by their quality, speed and communication. A pleasure to work with – highly recommended.

Andrew Watts

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