House of Lights Bournemouth Web Design

House of Lights Bournemouth Web Design

House of Lights is more than just a lifestyle and interiors store. It’s a beacon of creativity and inspiration, influenced by the serene coastal living of Dorset. Nestled in the bustling, independent heart of Westbourne since 1974, it’s always had a clear vision. It exists to illuminate homes with a blend of classic and contemporary styling. All while offering unique and eye-catching trendsetting pieces that turn houses into homes.

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Our Mission for House of Lights

Founded in 1961 in Manchester before relocating to our current location in Bournemouth.

At Expect Best, we embarked on a journey with House of Lights and guided them through the digital landscape to enhance their online presence. Our collaboration was a fusion of creativity and technology, tailored to mirror their unique business ethos. By intertwining our expertise, we were better equipped to showcase their stunning collection. We realised their vision with a sleek web design that served to amplify their online allure. This took the shape of a user-friendly eCommerce platform that reflected the unique charm of their physical store.

Our approach was bespoke and echoed the store’s philosophy of individuality and quality. Our digital marketing strategies, mainly social media, echoed their brand’s voice. It helped them reach a broader audience with engaging, tailored content. Yet, this wasn’t the only supplement to the website. We also implemented our hosting solutions. These provided them with a robust, reliable online platform that ensures seamless user experiences.

In addition to the above, our expertise shone through thanks to our custom systems. This included a sophisticated click-and-collect function and a versatile gift card feature. These served to enhance the simplicity of their service efficiency. The journey was more than just a service; it was a transformation and a step into the future while holding to their cherished values. It resulted in a digital persona as captivating and welcoming as their physical store. One that helped attract a growing number of online and offline visitors and elevated them to new heights in the digital landscape.

House of Lights Bournemouth Web Design

What We Provided House of Lights

House of Lights Bournemouth Web Design

House of Lights Web Design

Our team crafted an eCommerce website that mirrors House of Lights’ ethos — elegant, intuitive, and inspiring. The new and intuitive design doesn’t just encapsulate the essence of their Westbourne store. It also makes navigating through their diverse collection a delightful experience for users.

House of Lights Bournemouth Web Design

House of Lights Digital Marketing

We employed a tailored social media marketing strategy to enhance their online presence. We engaged a community of interior design enthusiasts by showcasing their unique products and store events. The creation of captivating content resonated with their audience and helped build a loyal community.

House of Lights Bournemouth Web Design

House of Lights Hosting Solutions

Hosting is fundamental for supporting any business’s growing online traffic and sales. Recognising the importance of reliability and speed, we provided robust hosting solutions. This ensured that the House of Lights website remains efficient, secure, and accessible. We can offer a seamless experience for all visitors.

House of Lights Bournemouth Web Design

House of Lights Custom Systems

We developed a bespoke ‘click and collect’ functionality tailored to House of Lights needs. This system didn’t just streamline the online shopping experience. It made it convenient for customers to purchase and collect in-store. We also implemented custom gift card functionality for versatility and increased customer satisfaction.

House of Lights Bournemouth Web Design

House of Lights Print & Design

Reflecting their uniqueness, we brought a fresh perspective to House of Lights’ branding materials. We designed and helped produce high-quality plastic carrier bags. These bags served a practical purpose and acted as mobile advertisements. In addition to helping enhance brand visibility, it also helped with recall.

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Great to work with Alex and the team at Expect Best, very responsive to the changing vision of all our IT needs. We have recently been working with Josh for our Facebook/Instagram posting, joining up our social media and website and improving the content which has produced very good results. Very good communication and creative input.

Christian Thomas

House of Lights