Nancy McManus Dog Walking

Qualified pet first aider via “The New Skills Academy”

After leaving her trade of 8 years in water sports, Nancy was determined to set up her own business. Having had the luxury of being brought up alongside many breeds such as; English Bull terriers, French Bull Dogs, Dachshunds, Bull Dogs, Labradors, Yorkshire terriers, Pugs, Dalmatians, Bullmastiffs (and much, much more!) you could say that this underdog is more than experienced. Now, Nancy McManus provides friendly, professional and affordable care for your pooches.

From dog walking to boarding, home sitting to pops-in, Nancy McManus is on hand to create the best time for your furry family members!

Services Provided

⚾ Fetchin’ ?‍♀️ Walkin’ ? Zoomin’

When it comes to our pups, owners have their best intentions at heart. Sadly, life’s commitments can get in the way. But whether you’re at work, on the school run or unable to get out, you can rely on Nancy McManus Dog Walking. Your pooch is her #1 priority! Yet, to get people reaching for the dog and bone, she needed a website – and one that couldn’t be sniffed at. So Nancy called on us.


At Expect Best, we build brands online.

Seeing Nancy as a diamond in the ruff, we were happy to help. Our team had free rein to design a dynamic website – so long as it was accessible, user-friendly and allowed clients to see prices and book. To achieve this, we split the website in two and built it using WordPress and WooComerce. Fur what it’s worth, Nancy loved the finished result, and we wish her all the best!