Ringwood Raceway

Proud promoters of stock car and banger racing

Based at Matchams Leisure Park, Ringwood Raceway is one of the UK’s largest oval raceways used for stock car racing. The raceway is a 1/4 mile tarmac track and is situated in a natural bowl banked with concrete terracing. This allows spectators to watch all of the racing – all of the time. The site has limited arena parking for up to 400 cars at cost, plenty of outer arena parking is available. Onsite, there is also a track shop and all amenities, including catering outlets and more.

Services Provided

The sound. The speed. The spectacle. Ringwood Raceway is renowned for being home to rocketing stock cars and competitive rivalries. Yet, as the years rolled on, competitors soon realised they needed to rally their audience online. To achieve this, Ringwood Raceway reached out to Expect Best to carry out a complete overhaul of their website. Happy to get to the heart of the motor, we put the pedal to the metal and got to work designing their online space.


Our team built a website that automatically pulled through a variety of events and news articles. We also integrated a bespoke system for customers to buy live stream passes. This way, fans could experience races from the comfort of their homes. During the easing of lockdown restrictions, select members of our team visited Ringwood Raceway. Once there, we live-streamed the event directly to the website. Overjoyed by the results, Ringwood Raceway is no longer concerned about fuelling by the wayside online.