Salterns Brokerage Poole Web Design

Salterns Brokerage Poole Web Design

Salterns Brokerage stands as a beacon of maritime expertise. Part of the historic Salterns Group, they thrive on a 20-year legacy. Specialising in offering premium new and pre-owned boats, they have sold over 850 boats. However, their mission isn’t just backed by a rich heritage but a passion for the sea. For Salterns Brokerage, the journey is not just about a sale but about fulfilling maritime dreams. So, they’ll do whatever they can to provide unparalleled quality and satisfaction in the boating industry.

Services Provided

Our Mission for Salterns Brokerage

Delivering an exceptional boat brokerage service for over 20 years.

At Expect Best, we embarked on a transformative journey with Salterns Brokerage. Our team helped steer their digital presence towards uncharted waters of success. Our collaboration was more than a service; it was a partnership defined by innovation and commitment. We used our expertise in web design, digital marketing, hosting solutions, and custom systems to put them online. However, in the process, our team didn’t just provide services. We understood and amplified their unique brand ethos. It’s how we can create remarkable digital ecosystems for all our clients.

Our approach was tailored to highlight their rich heritage and expertise in the marine sector. We understood that in the world of maritime sales, the digital experience must be as seamless and inviting as the open sea. That’s why we set about crafting an online experience that effortlessly showcased their vast array of boats. To achieve this, we created a WooCommerce enquiry-based system. This bespoke system ensured that every online enquiry was an effortless sail for customers.

Our accompanying hosting support ensured their website experienced optimum performance. Meanwhile, our custom systems included an intuitive product configurator and a parts enquiry form. These help elevate the user experience and set Salterns Brokerage apart in the digital marina. Also, we had previously proven our managed SEO campaigns acted as a lighthouse for the Salterns Group’s other online ventures. Due to this, Salterns Brokerage later embarked on its own campaign in 2024 to help guide more potential buyers to their shores.

Salterns Brokerage Poole Web Design

What We Provided Salterns Brokerage

Salterns Brokerage Poole Web Design

Salterns Brokerage Poole Web Design

Our team designed a bespoke, WooCommerce enquiry-based system for Salterns Brokerage. This was developed to enhance the user journey with intuitive design and seamless functionality. The website’s aesthetic perfectly mirrors the prestige of Salterns Brokerage. It offers a digital storefront that is both inviting and informative. Furthermore, it aligns with their commitment to quality and service.

Salterns Brokerage Poole Web Design

Salterns Brokerage Poole Digital Marketing

We elevated Salterns Brokerage’s online presence by implementing a robust, managed SEO campaign. Our targeted strategies ensured they rank at the top for key industry terms. This connected them with customers seeking premium boating experiences and increased their visibility. It also established them as a leading name in the marine industry.

Salterns Brokerage Poole Web Design

Salterns Brokerage Poole Hosting Solutions

Although the Salterns Group has its own hosting solutions, we provide hosting support. Our team were on hand to help ensure their website’s optimal performance and reliability. Generally speaking, our hosting solutions are designed to handle high traffic volumes. They provide a smooth and secure online experience for clients and their customers.

Salterns Brokerage Poole Web Design

Salterns Brokerage Poole Custom Systems

Our custom systems ft. custom product pages to showcase boats. We also built a product filter system for easy navigation. Our bespoke product configurator offered personalised experiences. Plus, our parts enquiry form streamlined customer queries. Finally, we integrated custom information pulled from products into the WooCommerce Loop. 

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Highly recommend this company.

After working with the team for over 3 months and rolling out 3 new websites I can honestly say it’s been one of the nicest and easiest agency experiences I’ve ever had. Super friendly and accommodating with a very high standard of work – what more could you ask for. A huge thanks to all, without doubt will use again for other digital services when required.

Emma Coveney

Salterns Group