Salterns Marina Poole Web Design

Salterns Marina Poole Web Design

Salterns Marina has a legacy spanning over 200 years. From historic salt-making and pioneering seaplane operations, it’s a beacon of maritime heritage. Yet, it’s more than just a marina. It doesn’t just connect history with the luxury of modern sailing in Poole Harbour’s prestigious landscape. It’s where boating dreams take flight with unparalleled access to Sandbanks and Studland beaches.

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Our Mission for Salterns Marina

Where boating dreams begin.

At Expect Best, our collaboration with Salterns Marina was a voyage of innovation and excellence. We set out to enhance their digital presence, starting with a comprehensive redesign of their parent website. However, this project wasn’t just about aesthetics. It was a strategic overhaul to ensure seamless navigation and user experience. Keen to reinvent their digital identity, we set out to enhance their user experience and amplify their digital footprint.

Our digital marketing expertise was pivotal in steering them through the complex seas of online visibility. We launched a robust, managed SEO campaign to help propel Salterns Marina to new heights in search engine rankings. Through our well-managed campaign, we helped ensure they stood out in the highly competitive marine industry. In addition to this, we provided tailored hosting support for their already present hosting solutions. This way, we could guarantee their digital presence was as steady and reliable as their marina.

We also introduced custom systems, including bespoke email signatures and a secure member login area. This added a layer of functionality, exclusivity and security to their online platform. Our efforts culminated in a digital narrative reflecting the marina’s stature in the boating world. The strong reception prompted The Salterns Group to hire us to elevate and enhance the rest of their digital brand portfolio.

Salterns Marina Poole Web Design

What We Provided Salterns Marina

Salterns Marina Poole Web Design

Salterns Marina Poole Web Design

Our journey with Salterns Marina commenced with an extensive redesign of their parent website. We crafted a digital landscape that mirrored the elegance and prestige of Salterns Marina. The new design enhanced user engagement and reflected the Marina’s rich heritage and modern amenities. Trusting we could make good on our promise, this initial step catalysed a brand-wide digital makeover.

Salterns Marina Poole Web Design

Salterns Marina Poole Digital Marketing

Digital visibility is paramount in today’s world. However, the digital seas are rough. Fortunately, our SEO strategies were like a lighthouse guiding them to visibility and prominence. We spearheaded a data-driven and results-oriented SEO campaign to amplify their online presence. This focused on engaging content and strategic keyword placement to ensure they shone in search engine results.

Salterns Marina Poole Web Design

Salterns Marina Poole Hosting Solutions

Reliability in hosting is akin to a safe harbour in a storm. As Salterns Marina already had a hosting solution, we act as hosting support. Our robust hosting support ensures their website remains accessible and efficient. It didn’t just equal peace of mind for Salterns Marina because they knew their digital assets were in safe hands. It also mirrored the reliability and excellence they are known for as a local institution.

Salterns Marina Poole Web Design

Salterns Marina Poole Custom Systems

Customisation is key to a unique online identity. For Salterns Marina, we developed unique email signatures. These added a touch of professionalism, personalisation, and brand identity to every correspondence. Moreover, we integrated a secure, password-protected member login section. A space like this not only offered an exclusive digital experience for their clients, but enhanced their user experience.

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Highly recommend this company.

After working with the team for over 3 months and rolling out 3 new websites I can honestly say it’s been one of the nicest and easiest agency experiences I’ve ever had. Super friendly and accommodating with a very high standard of work – what more could you ask for. A huge thanks to all, without doubt will use again for other digital services when required.

Emma Coveney

The Salterns Group