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SandFest is more than just a festival. It’s an experience. Born from a passion for music and the joy of the seaside, this one-day beach extravaganza encapsulates a unique blend of sun, sand, and sound. Celebrated on the iconic Sandbanks Beach and drawing 5,000 attendees, it’s been graced by world-class acts and DJs, including — Idris Elba, Chase & Status, Rudimental, Tinie Tempah, Hannah Wants, and Example, to name a few.

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Our Mission for SandFest

Boutique beach festival.

At Expect Best, we embarked on an exhilarating journey with SandFest. One that was driven by our shared vision of creating unforgettable experiences. SandFest wanted us to help capture the essence of beachside fun and its globally acclaimed music acts. So, we set out to amplify SandFest’s digital presence and weave the nature of this vibrant beach festival into a digital narrative. By now, it should come as no surprise that our team are passionate about delivering excellence. It’s the very thing that drives our ethos.

To achieve this for SandFest, our team designed and built a website worthy of encapsulating the festival’s vibrant energy. However, this space wasn’t just designed to be visually stunning but also user-friendly. In this regard, we ensured every pixel resonated with the festival’s lively spirit. From here, we delved into the realm of digital marketing. Our SEO specialist helped integrate Google Analytics to track engagement and audience insights.

This journey with SandFest was more than just a project. We wanted to mirror the festival’s ethos and bring together exceptional music and beachside fun in a digital landscape. To that effect, our work ensured that every festival-goer’s digital experience was as memorable as the event itself. Our collaboration of creativity and technology was integral to translating it into an online platform. This not only brought SandFest’s digital persona to life. It was a chief element of inviting and exciting prospective festival-goers.

SandFest Poole Web Design

What We Provided SandFest

SandFest Poole Web Design

SandFest Poole Web Design

Expect Best took on the challenge of designing a website for SandFest that truly reflects the festival’s essence. Our approach was holistic, and we set out to create a website that was as vibrant and inviting as the festival itself. We wanted to ensure that every aspect, from layout to functionality, resonated with SandFest’s brand. After all, this site would be a digital representation of the festival’s energy. To that effect, our creative team ensured it was easy to navigate and aesthetically aligned with the beach festival vibe. Every page pulsates with the energy of SandFest, ensuring visitors are immersed in the experience from the first click.

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SandFest Poole Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing strategy for SandFest revolved around capturing the festival’s unique atmosphere. While we didn’t directly involved with their overall marketing campaign, we implemented a basic Google Analytics setup. This enabled their team to gather insights and tailor their approach. We provided them with valuable insights into visitor behaviour. This helped them to refine their marketing efforts and enhance user experience. It ensured they could monitor the site’s performance and improve user experience. In doing so, they could align their online actions with the festival’s dynamic and engaging nature.

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