Scooter Hub

The UK’s most trusted online retailer for e-scooters

Scooter Hub offer extremely competitive prices for its electric scooter range. As a business, Scooter Hub only sells authentic brands and holds stock in the UK, resulting in fast deliveries across the mainland. Working closely with manufacturers, they ensure all products are fit for use – so customers are safe and happy when out riding.

Services Provided

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Make no mistake; micro-mobility is BOOMING. Although electric scooters aren’t currently legal for use in the UK, the Transport Secretary is intent on turning the tide . . . and when he does, Scooter Hub will show that e-scooters are fast, fun, and here for everyone.

But they needed help getting the word out . . .


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Scooter Hub requested we film, edit and upload unique e-scooter reviews and comparisons for its new YouTube channel. In addition to this, we also managed their social media channels and posted stories daily. Our straight scooting resulted in their videos reaching 20k views in 2 months and their socials regularly reaching 70+ likes.

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