South Coast Roast Bournemouth Web Design

South Coast Coffee Bournemouth Web Design

South Coast Coffee is a sanctuary for coffee aficionados. Since 2008, they have thrived in the heart of Bournemouth’s vibrant independent coffee scene. Their ethos revolves around hand-made food using locally sourced plant-based ingredients. That and fostering a warm, communal atmosphere in a rustic-chic setting that’s far from the mundane. Thanks to their ethos, their comfy haven has flourished as a space where conversations flow as smoothly as their locally roasted coffee.

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Our Mission for South Coast Coffee

Really, really good coffee — We roast it, we drink it, and we bloomin’ love it.

At Expect Best, we embarked on a creative journey with South Coast Coffee. Our mission was crystal clear from the get-go — to elevate their digital presence and encapsulate their passion online. To achieve this, our team combined our web design and digital marketing expertise. This holistic approach was the best way to mirror their dedication to coffee craftsmanship.

So first, using our web design expertise, we sculpted a virtual space reflecting the warmth and authenticity of their physical cafe. This space didn’t just need to resonate with their identity. It needed to be a warm, inviting space that acted as a natural extension of their physical café. And so, we aimed to craft an online experience where visitors could almost smell the coffee brewing. From here, our digital marketing approach was centred around our SEO Basics package.

We researched and implemented keywords that resonated with their brand ethos and customer base. This strategic choice elevated their online visibility and drew a more engaged audience to their site. The overall result was a digital storefront that looks inviting and is enabled to rank higher in search results. This was the first exciting step in bridging the gap between South Coast Coffee and coffee lovers across the UK.

South Coast Roast Bournemouth Web Design

What We Provided South Coast Coffee

South Coast Roast Bournemouth Web Design

South Coast Coffee Web Design

Our web design for South Coast Coffee captures the essence of their coffee shop — warm, inviting, and vibrant. We focused on creating a user-friendly website that reflects their commitment to quality and community. The photo carousel shows their unique offerings, from handcrafted beverages to a plant-based menu. This way, we can ensure an immersive experience that entices visitors into their artisan coffee world.

South Coast Roast Bournemouth Web Design

South Coast Coffee Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for South Coast Coffee was centred around our SEO Basics package. This way, we could ensure their website resonates with their ethos and also begin to rank well on search engines. We wrote content that tells its story, engages its audience, and improves its online visibility. This makes it easier for coffee lovers to discover and connect with their favourite coffee spot in Bournemouth.

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