Sturgess & Sturgess Bournemouth Web Design

Sturgess & Sturgess Bournemouth Web Design

Sturgess & Sturgess is a family-run business with a passion for craftsmanship. With over 45 years of experience, they specialise in recovering and creating a diverse range of upholstered furniture. Yet, their devotion extends beyond mere business — for them, it’s about restoring life to furniture with skilled hands and hearts. Embracing tradition and innovation, they transform antique Chesterfields and modern corner groups.

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Our Mission for Sturgess & Sturgess

Re-use, re-imagine, revive.

At Expect Best, we embarked on a journey with Sturgess & Sturgess to reimagine their digital presence. Our approach was simple yet effective: listen, understand, and implement. We delved into their world of upholstery and did our utmost to capture the essence of their craftsmanship. Our collaboration ensured their brand values and heritage were interwoven throughout their website. This resulted in an online space that showcases their expertise and reflects their passion for upholstery.

We knew their website must mirror their attention to detail and showcase their portfolio with elegance and clarity. Doing so invited clients to explore and connect with Sturgess & Sturgess’ exquisite work. Our expert’s efforts didn’t just elevate their digital identity. It enhanced their reach and engagement and enriched their business narrative in the digital domain. In addition to this, we offered hosting solutions to ensure their online presence was solid and trustworthy. Moreover, we implemented custom systems that streamline their digital workflow. This echoes the efficiency and precision they demonstrate in their physical creations.

By digitising their traditional business ethos, we’ve not only enhanced their online presence. We’ve also fortified their brand. Their story and skills can now reach a broader audience and resonate with those who value artisanship and quality. Our collaboration blended their traditional artistry and our modern digital solutions. We are glad to have helped them improve their online presence and get recognition for their excellent work. Get in touch with the team at Expect Best to learn how we can transform your digital presence, just as we did for Sturgess & Sturgess.

Sturgess & Sturgess

What We Provided Sturgess & Sturgess

Sturgess & Sturgess Bournemouth Web Design

Sturgess & Sturgess Bournemouth Web Design

Our web design for Sturgess & Sturgess reflects their brand’s essence. It mirrors the elegance and attention to detail inherent in their upholstery craftsmanship. We designed and developed a space that speaks to the artistry of their work. The site’s interface is easy to use and helps visitors explore their services and see examples of reupholstered furniture. It’s a simple design that makes it easy for visitors to navigate and find information. Their work is showcased with high-quality images.

Sturgess & Sturgess Bournemouth Web Design

Sturgess & Sturgess Bournemouth Hosting Solutions

We provided robust hosting solutions to ensure their website remains fast, secure, and accessible. Our hosting services are tailored to handle high traffic and provide seamless user experiences. This mirrors the reliability and quality assurance that Sturgess & Sturgess represents. Improving user experience and search rankings isn’t just crucial for their website’s success. Maintaining their family business’s online presence and reputation necessitates this crucial digital infrastructure.

Sturgess & Sturgess Bournemouth Web Design

Sturgess & Sturgess Bournemouth Custom Systems

The custom systems we implemented for Sturgess & Sturgess helped streamline their online operations. We designed, developed and integrated a custom contact form for their website. This digital transformation doesn’t just align with their commitment to quality and detail. It ensures their business processes are as refined as their upholstery services. Plus, it was designed to optimise efficiency and accuracy for prospective leads they wanted to convert to customers.

Sturgess & Sturgess Contact Details

  • 01202 577731
  • [email protected]
  • Unit 7B, canford business park, Magna Rd, Bournemouth, Wimborne BH21 3BT