The Ocean Club Poole Web Design

The Ocean Club Poole Web Design

Established in 2022, The Ocean Club at Salterns is a gem on the South Coast of England and epitomises the fusion of luxury and adventure. Born from a passion for the open sea and the beauty of the Jurassic Coast, The Ocean Club offers an unparalleled membership experience in Poole. It’s about embracing the thrill of the Sea-Doo life, minus the complexities of ownership and maintenance.

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Our Mission for The Ocean Club

The ultimate watercraft membership club.

At Expect Best, we believe in bringing the dreams of businesses to life. We embarked on a journey with The Ocean Club to weave their maritime essence into the digital tapestry of the Salterns Group. Our collaboration was more than a service; it was a shared vision to bring the thrill of the sea to the fingertips of enthusiasts. To achieve this, we designed a digital presence that mirrored the ease and elegance of The Ocean Club experience. We delved deep into their ethos to capture the essence of freedom and luxury they offer.

Our partnership blossomed, and our contribution went beyond mere service; we became storytellers. We crafted a digital narrative that resonates with the heart of every sea adventurer. We designed and developed a website that reflects the exclusivity and prestige of their brand. It’s a tale of transformation, where their unique offerings are now just a click away for enthusiasts and members alike. Our journey with The Ocean Club is a testament to how digital prowess can amplify the essence of a brand.

Our efforts translated into a seamless digital platform. One that enhanced their members’ journey from the virtual to the actual seas. The transformation wasn’t just pixels and code. It resonated in the elevated experiences of every member who, with a simple click, could now embark on their next maritime adventure. Our partnership with The Ocean Club is showcased on this project page. It highlights our contributions to their digital transformation. Our services improved their digital presence, making it smooth for members.

The Ocean Club Poole Web Design

What We Provided The Ocean Club

The Ocean Club Poole Web Design

The Ocean Club Poole Web Design

Our creative tide brought a new wave of web design for The Ocean Club. We crafted a website that echoes the club’s ethos — sleek, modern, and user-friendly. The design not only captures the essence of the sea but also ensures members can navigate through the vast ocean of information. It’s integral to helping make their digital experience as enjoyable as their maritime adventures.

The Ocean Club Poole Web Design

The Ocean Club Poole Hosting Solutions

In the vast sea of the internet, reliable hosting is the anchor. We provided The Ocean Club with robust hosting solutions. These helped ensure their digital presence is as steady and dependable as their maritime services. Our hosting solutions assure high uptime. So we can ensure that The Ocean Club’s digital marina is always accessible, come high tide or calm waters.

The Ocean Club Poole Web Design

The Ocean Club Poole Custom Systems

The centrepiece of our custom systems for The Ocean Club was their bespoke booking system. This intuitive system is the compass that guides members through the booking process. We created a system that handles reservations easily. The system also reflects the club’s commitment to seamless service. The system is tailored to handle peak demands. So members can book their next sea adventure with the same ease as steering a Sea-Doo through calm waters.

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Highly recommend this company. After working with the team for over 3 months and rolling out 3 new websites I can honestly say it’s been one of the nicest and easiest agency experiences I’ve ever had. Super friendly and accommodating with a very high standard of work – what more could you ask for. A huge thanks to all, without doubt will use again for other digital services when required.

Emma Coveney

The Ocean Club