Alan Courtenay

High-quality dispensing equipment

Established in 1984, Alan Courtenay is a family-run business based in Poole. Their work is used across the hospitality industry in brewers, independent bars, clubs, hotels, and more. Its innovations in the field of design, manufacturing and branding of dispensing equipment are used across the globe. Their handpicked staff has over 150 years of experience in the beverage industry. In a very competitive market, it has proven to be the best by providing quality equipment and service at all times. Going so far as to gain a first-class reputation for its quality and product development programme. Collectively, they bring a breadth of skills that enhance the service given to its’ customers.

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Looking to socialise, relax and get merry? If so, then the pub is often the answer. An integral fixture in British culture, it’s where the happiest of hours occur. But you can’t have a barrel of laughs if that amber nectar isn’t flowing – which is where Alan Courtenay comes in. Based in Poole, this family-run business’s work is used in the hospitality industry. Their innovations in the field of design, manufacturing and branding of dispensing equipment is used across the globe. Not known for their pint-sized approach, they reached out to us to help them reach their wider client base.


At Expect Best, we build brands online. Alan Courtney wanted something different. Not only did they want a complete website redesign, but they also wanted to raise the bar for their clients. To achieve this, we built a WordPress website with an integrated custom booking system. Now, whenever a customer adds a product to their cart, it sends Alan Courtenay an email – allowing them to tailor a quote and get back to them. Thrilled with the easy to use the system, they can continue to thrive in their industry. We’ll raise a glass to that – cheers!

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