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Share the businesses you love & earn cashback

Rifu believes in the power of community.

Their revolutionary platform supports the local products and services that you trust. In doing so, it helps strengthen connections within your area and get rewarded in the process.

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Want to connect people with their communities? Create stronger links between local businesses? Rifu has a secret weapon . . . you!

Using positive influence and the age-old power of word-of-mouth, Rifu is building a movement like no other. Via their marketing app, people are rewarded for supporting businesses and can even earn money for recommending them. This people-powered platform helps extend business reach, improve engagement and reward its community. Yet, to gain traction, Rifu needed to express its idea to the world. To achieve that, they needed us.


At Expect Best, we build brands online. To help convey Rifu’s philosophy, we created four animated videos. Each video functions as a walkthrough on how the producer and consumer can mutually benefit from their marketing app. Then, using a design the client gave us, our developers built their very own dedicated space. Now, Rifu is free to spread its word to the world.