Wyrd Spirits

Handcrafted gin with a touch of Wyrdness from the New Forest

Locally distilled and deliciously smooth, Wyrd Gin is for artisan gin lovers everywhere. With the perfect blend of passion and the finest botanicals, you can experience a taste of New Forest spirit – or should we say ‘wyrdness’ – with every sip. But what’s Wyrd about it? Handcrafted in small batches in New Forest distillery, its makers fell in love with the Anglo-Saxon word Wyrd when they stumbled across it. The term describes the deep sense of personal destiny and connectivity to all events and experiences around us – whether through fortune, fate or chance. Making their own spirits had always been the distiller’s dream, so ‘Wyrd’ captures their journey perfectly!

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Award-winning ? New Forest ? #WyrdGin ?

Handcrafted with passion right here in the UK, Wyrd Spirits is renowned for its small-batch juniper gin. It has a fragrant juniper blend with refreshing citrus that develops into warming earthy hints and a peppery spice finish. Yet, whilst their unique recipe captures the essence of the New Forest, they needed a website that captured their Wyrd experience . . .


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Wyrd Spirits uses the perfect blend of grain spirit, local spring water and the finest worldwide botanicals. To help spread the word, we built a website that showcases their eccentric process. We also integrated eCommerce features so clients could stop by and buy their favourite flavours even when they weren’t in town. Anything to make the wider world a little Wyrd’er!

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