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Lay a solid foundation of reduced cost, increased quality and quantities property investment leads you can get for your business.

Property Investment Leads


From an investment perspective, it’s elementary.

Like meeting and helping people? If so, there is a high chance you enjoy working with property. From an investment perspective, it’s elementary. After all, the property market is hugely popular because we all need a place to rest our heads at night. Yet, generating much-needed leads can be a challenge – which is why property investment leads are so in demand. People in property tend to be ambitious, confident and charismatic. Some might say ruthless. Therefore, property investment leads are an absolute necessity to keep abreast of the competition. Whilst communication and customer service skills are highly prized, it overlooks one crucial flaw. What if your buyer simply can’t find you, to be sold to? Property investment leads can be clarified by location, type of property, and whether it’s a hands-on or hands-off investment. Such leads allow you to assess the potential income from that property and allow your business to function.

Processing such enquiries are what ultimately get your commissions on a sale.

How do we generate property investment leads?

Content generation is key to generating property investment leads.

Given the importance of property investment leads, we need to know how to generate them. Such a fundamental well shouldn’t be overlooked and yet, it can be somewhat hard to know where to begin. To keep it simple, we need to dig deep and explore what your audience is looking for so we can target those phrases. Our research indicates that every month 480 people* search for “property leads” in the UK. This alone indicates that the search carries some weight and importance.

However, only a portion of that audience will be looking to buy. The remainder might be researching the price and availability of property leads. Either way, we know there is enough of a draw for us to work with. With this in mind, we need to ensure that our business can be found for the specific search phrases we want.

If, for example, your target audience was someone searching for “Spanish property investment”. Our specialists know that 390 people* search this term every month. We can thus deduce that it’s possible to convert that traffic into enquiries – and some of those enquiries into sales. However, whilst we could prioritise ranking a website for that phrase, it could well be a futile endeavour. If the website had insubstantial content regarding Spanish property investment, then it’d simply be too hard to rank. Therefore content generation is key to generating property investment leads.

*accurate 15 September 2021

What are property investment leads?

People with spare capital looking to invest in something that increases in value.

Property investment leads are enquiries that demonstrate a keen interest in property investment. These enquiries may be from people with spare capital looking to invest in something that increases in value. Such leads are extremely valuable due to the value of property investment itself. They are usually generated by website and social media efforts, wherein someone requests more information or a quote.

How much do property investment leads cost?

Property investment leads fluctuate in price depending on three key factors . . .

⬛ | The types of leads
⬛ | The demographic
⬛ | The offering

All of these factors affect the cost of each enquiry. The cost of marketing vs the number of generated leads establishes a basis for how much the property investment lead costs. From here, your conversion rate from lead to a fully-fledged customer will give you your cost per customer value. All of this data is useful in helping you decide how viable generating property investment leads are.

Plus, it helps illuminate whether your business can afford to adopt such a lucrative method.

Interested in generating property investment leads?

Let us highlight the pitfalls and provide an insight into lead generation.

Are you looking for more property investment leads? If so, Expect Best can help. Our lead generation specialists have extensive experience with property investment leads. Experience that can save you valuable time and money. Let us highlight the pitfalls and offer information on the right directions to take. We can go more in-depth and provide an insight into how to generate leads from your website and other online marketing channels. However, we can only do so once you get in touch.

So, if you want to generate property investment leads, reach out to us today.