The Real Difference Between a Web Designer and Web Developer

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These days, it’s common knowledge that any business that hopes to be successful needs an online presence. With consumers spending more and more time online, having a website that makes a strong first impression is imperative.

If you’re not completely web-literate, your business may need help in getting this important element up and running. But it’s important to understand exactly what kind of help you need: web designing or development?

Many people don’t understand that there is a difference between web designer and web developer. Below, we’ll break down the difference and help you figure out what your business needs.

Understanding Web Development

The key to understanding the difference between development and design is recognizing the two kinds of work that go into making a website work.

Like an automobile, a website has multiple elements that are important to its identity. There’s the aesthetic, visual design of the car and then there’s the engine and machinery that are just as important but hidden out of sight.

Web developers focus on the so-called engine of the website: the code.

They focus their efforts on creating code cleanliness and creating a website that has well-oiled functionality. The work they do is not apparent to the naked eye of the consumer. But it affects every aspect of the consumer’s experience on the site.

Creation of script languages and database management fall under the umbrella of web development. Your website may require front-end or back-end development work depending on your particular needs.

How Web Design Differs

While proper code work is hugely important to your website’s functionality, another major concern is aesthetics. Web designers focus on the look, layout, and feel of a website.

This can be an incredibly important element. Many consumers will make a judgment call about your business immediately upon looking at your site. And so you want the design of your site to send the right message.

Layouts, templates, logos, illustrations, buttons and other such design elements all fall under the umbrella of web design. Web designers usually are proficient in programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator. They can help create and edit visual images for your website.

Good designers always keep up to date with current visual and design trends in the online marketplace. They will ensure that your site feels modern and professional to any consumer that comes looking.

Blurred Lines Between Jobs

The development of the online marketplace is continuous. Many responsibilities relating to these two disciplines continue to blur. Cross-knowledge from a web professional can actually be very helpful in making both aspects of your website work together in sync.

Often, businesses hire a team of web professionals that contains both developers and designers. They then work together to create a professional final product.

The Difference Between Web Designer and Web Developer

Though the terms are very similar, the difference between web designer and web developer is significant. The two types of work often interact or overlap. But understanding the difference can help you make smarter decisions about the needs of your business.

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Written byAlex Dibben

Alex Dibben

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