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Get ahead of the competition and stand out in the Bournemouth digital market with SEO Bournemouth.

SEO Bournemouth

SEO BOURNEMOUTH is cost-effective, credible, and quantifiable

Bill Gates once said, “Content is king,” and our Bournemouth SEO specialists know that it’s as true today as it ever was.

If you want to establish online visibility for your business, then Search Engine Optimisation is a CRUCIAL step. SEO is not only cost-effective, it’s the foundation of an online holistic marketing ecosystem. Leveraging an effective SEO strategy drives qualified organic traffic to your site, meaning:

More leads | More sales | More exposure

Yet, with TRILLIONS of searches happening every day, you and every other business want to be found online. So, to cultivate rankable content for your business, you MUST be attuned to how SEO works. Otherwise, you have little hope of gaining visibility online in such a competitive market. And that’s the beauty of the work our Bournemouth SEO specialists undertake. Our cost-effective services CONTINUOUSLY bring traffic to your site over time.

The benefits of SEO Bournemouth for you and your Bournemouth business

Want to find out how we can help you and your Bournemouth business?


  1. Dominate search rankings.
    The #1 ranked search query receives 40-60% of the total traffic for that query.
  2. Avoid page 2.
    Only 2-3% of searchers click BEYOND the first page of search results – SEO prevents that.
  3. Establish credibility with relevant content.
    Boost your credibility as an honest and open business with informative and relevant content.
  4. Stay ahead.
    There’s a HIGH likelihood that your competitors will be investing in SEO – so you should too.
  5. Local SEO.
    Reach more people and rank higher in local searches due to our Bournemouth SEO experts

Here’s how our Bournemouth SEO company enhances your slice of cyberspace

Search engines favour content that FULFILS the user’s search needs.

Given EVERYONE’s dependence on the World Wide Web, complex algorithms utilised by Google have altered over time. Yet, our Bournemouth SEO specialists stay informed on how SEO is evolving to keep YOUR content ranked as high as possible. Fortunately for us, despite its minor development, SEO is founded upon three core metrics that our specialists MUST adhere.

The three pillars of SEO


  1. Content: On-site optimisation.
    It’s no secret that content is KING. A large part of SEO involves creating engaging, informative content focused on relevant keywords. Specifically, keywords that users are searching for.
  2. Links: Off-site optimisation.
    Speaking of which, backlinks from OTHER websites are KEY in determining YOUR ranking on Google’s searches. In essence, Google views these other sites as vouching for your reputation.
  3. Structure: Technical optimisation.
    How your content is formatted can have a HUGE impact on how search engine algorithm see you online. Help this by using relevant keywords, optimised meta descriptions and other SEO practices.

The primary goal of our Bournemouth SEO strategy

We want you to rank as highly as possible.

But how? The next step is more or less out of our hands. It’s how the search engine algorithms approach your site. Given that these aren’t human, you need to leave OBVIOUS clues for the algorithm to latch onto. Yet, much like our Bournemouth SEO expert’s involvement, there are three further steps.

Here’s how search engines rank pages:


  1. Crawling.
    Search engines like Google and Bing use bots to crawl across the web to discover, gather and record information about ALL content they find. The crawler originates from an authoritative page before tracing internal and external links to pages on other sites. The info they learn about each page – and how it’s semantically connected – is then indexed for search purposes.
  2. Indexing.
    However, a page isn’t automatically indexed. They come under some HEAVY scrutiny; particularly if the content’s duplicated or spammy. Once indexed this functions like a library with the algorithm operating as the librarian – ready to retrieve the most accurate and beneficial results for the readers. These can include web pages, articles, images, videos, and other niche types of content.
  3. Ranking.
    Our Bournemouth SEO specialists use our understanding of SEO to help influence how your page ranks. We prioritise user experience, employ non-manipulative ranking tactics, and follow ever-evolving SEO practices. Yet, to achieve this, we must follow the basic steps outlined in the three pillars of SEO before utilising any of our trade secrets.

Bournemouth SEO: Problem vs. Solution

Don’t let a lack of SEO be a problem, let it be the solution for your Bournemouth business.


  1. Problem.
    The biggest benefit of DIY SEO is the cost – you don’t need to pay a professional anything. Yet, just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’ll pay . . .
  2. Conflict.
    After all, you rely on YOUR skills. Alternatively, by hiring Bournemouth SEO specialists you and your business benefit from our expansive web-based expertise.
  3. Solution.
    Depending on the sheer complexity of your site, the whole organic process of ranking can take anything between 6 weeks to 6 months before ranking.

What's the value of hiring a Bournemouth SEO company over using PPC?

SEO is the most HONEST way for leads to discover and engage with YOU online.

Bournemouth SEO businesses are professionals IMMERSED in the practice of “Search Engine Optimisation”. This is an art and science designed to IMPROVE the visibility and positioning of web pages via ORGANIC search results.

Our SEO Bournemouth business helps optimise and refine websites:

⬛ | Technical configuration and site health
⬛ | Content relevance, quantity and quality
⬛ | Link popularity and findability via searches

We favour organic search results because they are the most HONEST way for people to discover and engage with YOUR content online. Therefore, a high-quality SEO strategy is ESSENTIAL for improving the quality and quantity of traffic coming through to your site. Remember, the higher your website is ranked, the MORE people will see it. Better visibility = more attention, more engagement and more leads.

Quality SEO involves many overlapping duties, such as:

⬛ | Identifying relevant keywords with search traffic potential
⬛ | Creating high-quality, engaging and informative content
⬛ | Optimising this for search engines, like Google or Bing
⬛ | Including relevant hyperlinks from high-quality sites
⬛ | Measuring and repeating the results, if they prove successful

Nowadays, SEO is considered an ESSENTIAL marketing activity. To put this into perspective, if you Googled something, you might have noticed the page features paid ads first FOLLOWED by regular results.

These are TWO separate fields, which are:

  1. SEO. 
    Organic search traffic or regular results.
  2. Paid ads. 
    Search engine marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click (PPC).

The difference between these fields is immediacy and duration. SEO pages may take longer to rank, but will remain on the search engine’s radar UNTIL they’re outranked by a competing page. PPC pages are PAID to rank highly but will only sit at that spot for as long as you – the client – pay the fee. The issue with this is that those searching KNOW you whether you have paid the search engine to advertise this content. What’s more, said content might not be optimised or even relevant! This is what makes an SEO Bournemouth business essential for your own business.

Unlocking the Differences: Understanding the Key Distinctions between SEO & PPC

The key differences between SEO and PPC are . . .


  1. Position.
    Pay-per-click search results appear at the top of search engine results pages, and organic results appear beneath them.
  2. Time.
    PPC offers almost instantaneous results. SEO can take longer – weeks, months or even years to achieve organic search.
  3. Payment.
    PPC is paid on a cost-per-click (CPC), whereas SEO traffic is free – although it does require an investment of both resources and time.
  4. ROI.
    The return on investment of PPC is easier to measure but stagnates over time. SEO is harder to measure but often improves over time.
  5. Traffic.
    Roughly 20-30% of searchers click on PPC results, and 70-80% of searchers click on organic SEO results.