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SEO Dorset Essentials

There are two main battles that every web owner has. One being keeping their website modern and up to date. Second is getting users to your website, this can be done through many different channels such as SEO.

Research, research, research

when you are wanting to rank highly on any search engine keyword research is the key. After you have found the word or phrase that is searched the most and fits your audience you can then start creating amazing content. A great way to find keywords is to use applications such as Google Adwords and from there you can pay for ads, track current words that you are ranking for and see the competition on each keyword.

Responsive Design

This point is important not to overlook. Keeping your website both informative and mobile friendly will mean that you rank highly on most search engines. In addition to giving you better rankings, responsive design gives the users a better experience by making the content functional. Our SEO Dorset packages include functional & responsive designs and this ensures that you get great quality designs for both your website and mobile designs.

Set up local listings

Setting up local listings via Google is possibly one of the easiest methods to get great SEO Dorset rankings. You can claim your local listing by clicking here. When claiming your business it is important to ensure that you are providing Google with all the correct information the first time and some parts can be a pain to change. In some cases when listing you have to wait a few weeks for Google to send a code in the post. This can be both frustrating and time-consuming. So getting it right the first time is vital. Another great tip is to diversify your listing, give it a different feel to your local competition. This can ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

SEO Dorset

Reviews and testimonials

Don’t be afraid to ask existing customers for testimonials and to leave a review on a listing. These reviews are a great way to both look good but also to rank well locally. There is one simple mistake that a lot of smaller companies fall into. This is getting a large number of family to leave reviews and or creating multiple accounts and leaving reviews, Google recognises this and changes your rankings accordingly.

Content specific pages

Having created the pages that you are wanting on your website, you can now add SEO content into them. This is vital to ensure your website performs well in search engine rankings. There are a few tips that we can provide you to aid you along with getting the most out of your website.

Page URL & Titles – Ensuring that page URL’s have your keyword in them is key to again ranking well with search engines such as Google & Bing. This is an underated method and is inexpensive for you to change. Page titles are very similar to URL titles. Including your specific keywords means that there is a higher chance of ranking higher. So make sure that you always include them.

Content Length – ideally each page should have 500 words of focused content that includes your keyword. The more good content that is added the better it is for SEO purposes, so add as much as possible.



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Alex Dibben

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